How many COE scholarships can I apply for?

You are allowed to apply for three general education scholarships and up to three departmental scholarships. If a specific scholarship requires additional documentation (see description/requirements section) it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the necessary documentation.

Do I submit one application to be considered for multiple scholarships?

Yes. Only one complete application should be submitted.

Can I use the same essay/letter of recommendation from a previous year?

Although applications are not compared from year to year, it is recommended that your materials accurately reflect you as a student at this point in time. This is your opportunity to showcase the progress you have made in your academic career.

Who should I ask for a letter of recommendation?

You should request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who has taught you in class and/or serves as your faculty-level advisor. Their letter should speak to your potential for success in your degree program and chosen field. Be sure to ask for letters well in advance of the deadline.

Do I have to get multiple letters of recommendation?

All applications require ONE letter of recommendation. Some specific scholarships require additional letters, and will specify in its description.

Do I have to pay tuition before I find out if I received a COE Scholarship?

Yes. All students are responsible for their own financial obligations to the University. If you are awarded a COE Scholarship, the award will come through the Financial Aid Office – however, this will be well after fees are due.

When will I find out if I received a scholarship?

All applicants will be notified of scholarship decisions via email.

What are the amounts of the scholarships?

Scholarship amounts generally range between $400 to $2,000. The individual amount for an award will be determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee. Students who are selected to receive a scholarship will be notified of the amount in their award notification.

What can I do if I have additional questions or technical problems with my application?

Contact coescholarships@fau.edu.

Email Us: coescholarships@fau.edu

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