What are the expectations of Holmes Scholars®

  • Serve up to a three-year term
  • Participate in the AACTE Annual Meeting, including the Holmes Scholars® preconference events, and submit proposals to present their research at the AACTE Annual Meeting each year they are in the program (workshop, poster sessions, etc.)
  • Participate at least once in the AACTE Holmes Scholars® Summer Policy Institute and AACTE Day on the Hill
  • Attend the AACTE Holmes Scholars® Dissertation Retreat and Research Symposium
  • Participate in at least one other education conference (e.g., American Educational Research Association, Association of Teacher Educators, Council for Exceptional Students, or another organization within their discipline)
  • Propose and implement a project that relates to or forwards the goals of AACTE and authentically engages them in advocacy, policy, service, or research work that furthers high-quality and equitable educator preparation
  • Participate in activities and meetings sponsored by the National Association of Holmes Scholars® Alumni (NAHSA) during their final year in the Holmes Scholars Program (some of which occur at the AACTE Annual Meeting)
  • Consider affiliate membership in NAHSA during their final year in the program

What are the expectations of the College of Education?

  • After the first year, serve as mentors of incoming Holmes Scholars®
  • Attend mandatory monthly Scholar-driven meetings
  • During the second year in the program, run for "National Holmes Executive positions" and mentor the junior Scholars. During the third year, take active roles in mentoring, organizing research sessions in the COE at FAU, guiding other Scholars in their research proposals, Publishing scholarly articles with COE current and former Scholars, attending the Day on the Hill meeting, and graduating or exiting the program.
  • Remain in good academic standing
  • Present research and workshops based on Holmes Scholars® experiences
  • Be an excellent ambassador for the FAU College of Education