General Information for Researchers

If you are a DESE Researcher (e.g., faculty member or graduate student researcher) and would like to learn about accessing the DESE Subject Pool, click here.

If you are a DESE Researcher (e.g., faculty member or graduate student researcher) and are ready to register a study to access the subject pool, click here.

If you are a DESE Researcher and would like check if your study or event is available to students in the subject pool and is listed for student access, click here.

Researcher Task Analysis for Registering a Study with the Subject Pool

I am ready to access the subject pool, now what do I do?

  1. Read the Department of Exceptional Student Education Rules, Procedures, and Policies Governing the DESE Subject Pool.
  2. Develop and submit an IRB application.
    1. If you have never submitted an IRB application, click here.
    2. If you need to submit an IRB application, click here.
  3. Obtain the IRB identification net number, note the study approval date.
  4. Obtain all the stamped documents (e.g. study flyer/description) associated with the IRB application.
  5. View the DESE Subject Pool Study Recruitment Instructions for preparing Study Recruitment Flyer which should include: the time, space (room), and location (campus) where study activities will be conducted. Please note: you will be need to be explicit about the expectations for the participants in the study.
    1. Acceptable file types are Microsoft WORD or Microsoft Publisher for study flyers.
  6. Submit the completed Study Recruitment Flyer, Subject Pool Reservation and Registration Form, and Debriefing Form to the Subject Pool Coordinator at The Subject Pool Coordinator will review documents, ensure that all required materials have been submitted and are in order, notify you of study acceptance, or request for additional information. If your study is accepted into the subject pool:
    1. A form will be created to register participants and added to your study advertisement flyer, as well as to the webpage where all studies are listed.
    2. Your revised flyer will then be sent back to you to be displayed in conspicuous locations on the appropriate campuses. Please note, it is your responsibility to advertise your study.
    3. After students have registered for your study and the registration deadline has elapsed, you will be sent printed Certificates of Participation to distribute after completion of the study.
  7. Check this link within one week of receiving study acceptance from the Subject Pool Coordinator to ensure that your study is listed here.
  8. Conduct the study. Once students have completed all activities, allow 10 minutes at the end to distribute and explain the Debriefing Form.
  9. Distribute Certificates of Participation to your student participants and instruct them to submit to their instructor as evidence of RER completion.