Department of Special Education (DSE) Subject Pool

Subject Pool & Research Experience Requirement

General Information for Researchers, Students, and Instructors

Welcome to the general information page about the DSE Subject Pool & Research Experience Requirement (RER). This page provides general information about the subject pool with links for both faculty and students to get additional information about the purpose of the subject pool, Research Experience Requirement, registering a study for researchers, as well as information for students on how to fulfill their RER.

What is a subject pool?

A subject pool brings together students to serve as participants (also known as ‘human subjects’) for research conducted by faculty and graduate student researchers. Research based on human subjects is intended to generate knowledge that contributes to the field of special education and/or teacher education. This kind of research requires students (humans) to participate and the subject pool provides those participants.

What is the Research Experience Requirement (RER)?

Students enrolled in certain courses, EEX 2091 Disability and Society and EEX 4070 Inclusive Education for General Educators are required to earn RERs by completing one of the following activities: (1) serving as a participant (otherwise referred to as “subject”) in an Institution Review Board (IRB)-approved research study conducted under the supervision of a DSE faculty and/or a DSE graduate student, (2) participating in one or more professional training sessions (e.g., DSE or HOOT colloquia) conducted by department faculty or graduate students, or (3) writing a summary of an empirical research article.

If you are a researcher, wanting to register a study to access the subject pool, click here for additional information.

If you are a student, seeking additional information about meeting your RER, click here.

If you are an instructor for a course requiring RER, click here for additional information.