Teaching Assistants at FAU

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), you play a very valuable role in the educational experience of FAU’s undergraduates. Few of you, however, received any formal training in teaching. Much of what you know probably derives from your experiences with effective instructors in high school and college. There is no magic formula for becoming a great teacher and mentor, but there are important tips and suggestions that have proved useful to others in the same position. Also, teaching assistants who only recently moved to this country should be aware of important differences in the culture of instruction and how teaching strategies need to be adjusted accordingly.

To help newly-appointed graduate teaching assistants prepare for their teaching experience in our undergraduate classrooms and laboratories, the Graduate College sponsors a mandatory Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation. This workshop is held prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters.

In addition, there is a Seminar for all newly hired International GTAs with a Primary Language that is not English and self-paced training models for ALL GTAs. Click here to learn more.

The Graduate College has a variety of resources availble to support you both as a student and for professional development in your GTA role.

Need assistaance with your ability to speak in a way to gain respect and involvement in your classroom? Visit the FAU Speaking Center for resources or to make an appointment for guidance and support.