On-Site Training Programs

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The Institute’s training program for local governments includes a variety of workshops for personnel at all levels. The program is designed to provide participants with training programs to enhance the management skills and decision-making abilities of public officials and non-profit personnel.

The IOG also works with other entities in providing specialized training to our constituents. Such programs include a two-day Records Management Certification course offered in conjunction with the Florida Institute of Government; and certification and recertification classes for code enforcement personnel in our eight county service area in cooperation with the Florida Association of Code Enforcement and the John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida.

The IOG offers its training workshops on a contract basis with individual state and local governments or through open-enrollment programs.  The institute’s staff is always pleased to tailor programs to meet the individual needs of our constituents and are constantly adding new topics to our roster of classes.  We are always pleased to coordinate these or other classes tailored to your specific needs.   The IOG’s staff will be pleased to meet with you to find out what we can do for you to help you meet your professional development training needs!

Management/Supervisory Skills

  • Applying Discipline in a Fair and Equitable Manner
  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Building a Mindful Culture
  • Coaching Employee Performance
  • Coaching to Unlock Full Potential
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Communicating for Effective Leadership
  • Giving Feedback – Supervisor Strategies
  • Kaizen: Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Leading and Managing Service Excellence
  • Leadership Academy (up to 12 customized modules)
  • Making a Strategic Plan a Reality
  • Managing Employee Development
  • Meeting Magic
  • Motivating for High Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Mapping
  • Shaping Organizational Values
  • Shaping a Strong Culture: Leading Leaders
  • Situational Leadership
  • Supervision in Government (8 modules)
  • The Art of Effective Delegation
  • The Art of Influence
  • The Art of Servant Leadership
  • The Recognition Revolution
  • Team Building: The Key to Success in the Workplace
  • Train the Trainer

All People Skills

  • Accountability for Results
  • Adaptability in an Ever-Changing Work Environment
  • Advancing Productivity in Organizations
  • Administrative Support Development: Managing Workplace Dynamics
  • Administrative Support Development: And The Oscar Goes to
  • Assertiveness: Skills to Inspire Confidence
  • Building Trust: Creating Productive Relationships
  • Business Writing for Results
  • Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life
  • Civility in the Workplace
  • Let’s Talk…Communicating for Success
  • Communicating in Sync
  • Communicating Upward: Interacting Effectively with Your Supervisor
  • Conflict without Controversy
  • Constructive Confrontation
  • Contract Management Essentials
  • Coping with Workplace Changes
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Creating Public Value
  • Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Heartbeat of Change
  • Here to Service: Customer Service for Enforcement and Emergency Personnel
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Criticism
  • Grammar Essentials
  • Harmonizing Generations at Work
  • HR Training: Anti-Harassment, Workplace Violence, Drug Free Workplace
  • Improving Mindfulness
  • Influencing for Results
  • Interviewing for Success
  • Keeping Excellence Alive
  • Landscape Inspections: Plan Reviews to Field Plant Inspections
  • Life Happens: Guide to Managing Stress
  • Listening Skills for High Performance
  • Motivation Boot Camp
  • Office Improvement Program
  • Open Government in the State of Florida: Public Records Laws and Government in the Sunshine
  • Organizational Skills: Getting There and Staying There
  • Quality Customer Service in the Public Sector
  • Perception is Reality
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Projecting a Winning Image
  • Public Records Management
  • Sparking Creativity and Innovation
  • Specification Writing for Government Employees
  • Time Management: 25 Hours in a Day
  • True Colors
  • Using Communication to Manage Interpersonal Relations
  • Workshop for Coordinators to Code Enforcement Boards and Special Magistrates

On-Site Training Programs Catalog