Microsoft Outlook

There was a time when writing and receiving email was enough. But Microsoft Outlook has moved far beyond those early days, and works in conjunction with other Microsoft Office products like OneNote to help you work more proficiently, stay on top of quickly changing deadlines, and delegate work to team members and employees.

Microsoft Outlook: Beyond Email

Microsoft Outlook subdivides its functions into Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Journal. Many attendees are unaware of how simple the program makes it to juggle a hectic schedule, assign work and keep up with what people are doing.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Organizing the Calendar
  • Working with other People’s Calendars
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • To-Dos and Tasks
  • Delegating Tasks to Others
  • Creating Contact Lists
  • Integration with Microsoft OneNote
  • Sharing Files from the Cloud