Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)

Florida Atlantic University recognizes that some students may attend FAU with the help of Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) hired by the students or provided by an outside agency. These PCAs may be necessary to address the personal needs of a student with a disability so that he or she can participate in the Universities activities, services, and programs. The University does not assume coordination or financial responsibilities for personal attendant services.

If a student has a Personal Care Attendant, he or she must:

  • Submit appropriate documentation to Student Accessibility Services and Housing to support the necessity of having a PCA.
  • Each Personal Care Attendant must sign the “Personal Care Attendant Agreement” each academic year.
  • The Personal Care Attendant must follow all applicable University policies, rules, regulations, and procedures.

For more information and policies regarding Personal Care Attendants, please contact our office.

There are several ways in which personal care assistance can be coordinated and funded: