Voluntary Retirement/Resignation Program

The Florida Atlantic University 2015-2025 Strategic Plan for the Race to Excellence makes the “wise and innovative allocation of resources” a priority. In furtherance of this priority during a challenging budgetary environment, the University has explored opportunities to implement selective retirement programs. A promising program was recently unveiled at the University of South Florida. After careful review, the administration has concluded that offering a similar program here could simultaneously advance our strategic goals and provide eligible faculty an exciting opportunity.

To that end, we are pleased to propose an innovative Voluntary Retirement/Resignation Program (the “Program”) for eligible tenured faculty members in recognition of their service to the University. In addition to supporting eligible faculty through the retirement planning process, this mutually beneficial program will allow the University to better anticipate the fiscal, operational, and staffing impacts of its tenured faculty members’ retirement plans, so that the University may proactively engage in succession planning and strategically reinvest resources.

For a full description of eligibility requirements and benefits, see the Potential Voluntary Retirement Notice. Questions not already addressed in the FAQs should be directed to voluntary-incentive@fau.edu.



May 3rd - May 31st, 2024

Spring 2022

March 21st - April 15th, 2022 (Closed)

Spring 2021

Phase 1 - January 15th - 29th, 2021 (Closed)


Phase 2 - February 22nd - March 8th, 2021 (Closed)


Phase 3 - April 5, 2021 - April 9, 2021 (Closed)