Promoted and Tenured Faculty 2020-21

FAU Convocation

Highlighted in photo above is Dr. Mare Cudic, who was recently promoted to Associate Professor in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science.

In 2021, the University awarded promotion and/or tenure to 43 tenure track faculty. Additionally, the University awarded promotion to 35 non-tenure-track faculty.

These individuals have demonstrated substantial accomplishments towards our University’s mission alongside the potential for future growth, so they have earned the recognition of their new titles by their peers within the University and the wider community.

Tenure Track Faculty

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

  • Carla Calarge, Professor
  • Yolanda Gamboa, Professor
  • Becka McKay, Professor
  • Meredith Ellis, Associate Professor
  • Emily Fenichel, Associate Professor
  • Regis Fox, Associate Professor
  • Michael Hamilton, Associate Professor
  • Angela Nichols, Associate Professor

College of Business

  • Robert Pinsker, Professor
  • William Luther, Associate Professor
  • Sofia Johan, Associate Professor
  • Ye Zhang, Associate Professor

College of Education

  • Victoria Brown, Professor
  • Michael Zourdos, Professor
  • Rina Bousalis, Associate Professor
  • Hannah Bowers, Associate Professor
  • Bessie Dernikos, Associate Professor
  • Lisa Finnegan, Associate Professor
  • Katie Miller, Associate Professor
  • Nghia Nguyen, Associate Professor
  • Jillian Powers, Associate Professor

College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Erik Engeberg, Professor
  • Raquel Assis, Associate Professor
  • Feng-Hao Liu, Associate Professor
  • KwangSoo Yang, Associate Professor

Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

  • Kathleen Guthrie, Professor
  • Lawrence Toll, Tenure

Charles E. Schmidt College of Nursing

  • Dawn Hawthorne, Associate Professor

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

  • Kailiang Jia, Professor
  • Nancy Jones, Professor
  • Diana Mitsova, Professor
  • Andrew Terentis, Professor
  • Caiyun Zhang, Professor
  • Rindy Anderson, Associate Professor
  • Tiffany Briggs, Associate Professor
  • Muxin Han, Associate Professor
  • Marianne Porter, Associate Professor

College of Social Work and Criminal Justice

  • LeaAnne DeRigne, Professor
  • JuYoung Park, Professor
  • Marianna Colvin, Associate Professor
  • Morgan Cooley, Associate Professor
  • Seth Fallik, Associate Professor
  • Lincoln Sloas, Associate Professor
Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

  • Leslie Arboleda, Senior Instructor
  • Janelle Blount, Senior Instructor
  • Sharon Placide, Senior Instructor
  • Ilene Prusher, Senior Instructor
  • Rosemary Rahill, Senior Instructor
  • Ramona Rendon, University Instructor
  • Romain Rivaux, Senior Instructor

College of Business

  • Mary Kay Boyd, University Instructor
  • Kevin Cox, Senior Instructor
  • Joel Dicicco, Senior Instructor
  • Karen Dye, University Instructor
  • Richard Gendler, Senior Instructor
  • Eric Levy, Senior Instructor
  • Laurie Nesbitt, Senior Instructor
  • Mary Schindlbeck, University Instructor 
  • Jonathan Sweet, Senior Instructor

College of Education

  • Cheri Celesti, University School Accomplished Instructor
  • Rhea Francani, University School Accomplished Instructor
  • Angela Gass, University School Accomplished Instructor
  • Amy Tift, University School Accomplished Instructor

College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Tami Sorgente, University Instructor

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

  • Laurent Cherubin, NTT Research Professor

University Libraries

  • Leah Plocharczyk, University Librarian

Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

  • Scott Alter, NTT Associate Professor
  • Lisa Clayton, NTT Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Foster, NTT Associate Professor
  • Patrick Hughes, NTT Associate Professor
  • Parvathi Perumareddi, NTT Associate Professor
  • Qi Zhang, NTT Associate Research Professor

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

  • Maria Ordonez, NTT Professor

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

  • Barry Booten, University Instructor
  • Robert Gross, University Instructor
  • Daniela Nikolova, University Instructor
  • Tito Sempertegui, Senior Instructor
  • Timothy Theisen, University Instructor