FAUPD Believes in Transparency

The FAU Police Department is here to keep our community safe and believes in the benefits and openness of transparency in policing. We want everyone to understand who we are, what our policies are and why they exist, and how FAU police officers train and prepare for emergency situations. FAUPD officers train annually on defensive tactics, firearms, taser and de-escalation techniques. Officers participate in two active shooter scenarios, a department-wide and a multi-agency large scale scenario. Monthly officers complete training on policies, procedures and state law. 


FAU Police Department Diversity Profile

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FAU Police Policies

The FAU Police Department is an accredited agency with appropriate policies to direct officers and staff on how they are expected to conduct themselves as FAU Police Department members.  These policies are extremely detailed and outline what is expected as well as the consequences if the policy is not followed.

Response to Resistance

There are certain situations that may require officers to use force. These policies are extremely strict, and all use-of-force scenarios are reviewed by FAUPD leadership. This policy clearly states that it is imperative to value and preserve human life, and use of force may only be used until the incident is under control. FAUPD officers do not carry rubber bullets or tear gas, and our policy does not allow neck restraints. 
 General Order 7.1 Use of Force 


FAUPD is committed to protecting individuals’ rights to peacefully assemble and protest, and we are out there to keep our community safe. 

Body Cameras

FAUPD initiated it's body worn camera program in 2015, and has since upgraded to body cameras that activate when officers deploy their taser, removing the element of human error in a quickly evolving situation.

Bias-based Profiling

Racial and ethnic profiling is unacceptable, especially in law enforcement. The FAU Police Department is charged with protecting the constitutional rights of all citizens within the university community, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, religion, age, cultural group, economic status or other belief system.

Duty to Intervene

FAUPD's Duty to Intervene policy ensures all members know they must prevent or stop any member from conducting any act that is unethical, or that violates law or policy. FAUPD is committed to doing the right thing, and we expect our officers to speak up when they believe a colleague is acting inappropriately.


Submit a Comment

The FAU Police Department is committed to providing exceptional service to the University community. If you feel an officer has acted improperly, we have reporting options available. Our department has developed specific complaint procedures to ensure that fair and proper action is taken when an employee is accused of misconduct. This also protects employees from unwarranted or false accusations. This system provides a means of identifying and correcting deficiencies in policies, procedures, supervision, and/or training. Submit a comment through the online form


The FAU Police Department is committed to the safety and well-being of the FAU communities and condemns police brutality.  The eight policies proposed by Campaign Zero to decrease police violence and improve the safety of citizens are policies that have been on our books for years. We are proud to say we are compliant with #8cantwait. Our officers receive regular training, including the use of force continuum and de-escalation techniques.


Our People

Chief Sean Brammer is a member of the  Florida Atlantic University Diversity Council . Chief Brammer is a presenter for the  FAU UpwardBound  program and teams our department with the  FAU Criminal Justice Summer Camp  for high-school students interested in Criminal Justice programs. We have implemented the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Citizens Academy in collaboration with the School of Criminology to inform the University community of and expose them to university police work. 

Lieutenant John-Williams is an FAU Alumna from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and began her career with the Florida Atlantic University Police Department in the Community Service Officer Program. Sergeant John-Williams currently leads the training division, is a RAD instructor, and initiated our campus reach-out projects such as 'Cookies with Rookies' and 'Coffee with Cops' programs.

School Resource Officer James Banner was a member of Lota Phi Theta and serves as the liaison to FAU Fraternity and Sorority Life. He speaks annually at the anti-hazing summit and works closely with fraternity and sorority life tailgating during sporting events.