Academic Success

All of the resources listed in this section are free to students as part of their tuition and fees.

Academic Calendar

The key to student success is being aware of all deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar.

CLASS (Tutoring and More)

The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) offers a variety of tools to help assist students in their success. Among them are  tutoring Supplemental Instruction , and  eTutoring . Tutoring appointments can be made at the link previously provided, in the CLASS office, or students can just walk in and sit at a table with their course name displayed for small group or one-on-one tutoring. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered for FAU’s most difficult courses. Students who have already taken the course (SI Leaders) and received an “A” grade take the course again only this time they offer SI outside of class for the current students enrolled in the class. In these SI sessions, the SI Leader teaches the same material as the professor does, only in a different way so students can better understand the material. eTutoring is tutoring that is offered online instead of in-person.

University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW)

The  UCEW  is where students who need help with their papers can go for help. The staff at the UCEW will assist students if they get stuck on a paper (“writer’s block”), don’t understand the assignment assigned by the professor, or if they simply need someone to help them improve a paper that is already written.

Math Learning Center

The  Math Learning Center provides free math tutoring to students on a drop-in basis as well as through appointments and online support. They also have a specialized lab for specific for Calculus tutoring called the SAM Lab.

Access Program

The Access Program offers a comprehensive approach to student success that focuses on academic coaching/advising, tutoring, career counseling, faculty mentoring and developing a meaningful connection to FAU. This is a newer program at FAU that has initially shown some great success in assisting students.

Student Accessibility Services

Some students are differently abled and/or learn differently, therefore, a visit to the  Student Accessibility Services website might be helpful to see if the student might want to utilize their services. SAS serves nearly 1000 students with an array of differing abilities. Some of the accommodations they might provide to students (based on intake meetings, so nothing is guaranteed as they tailor accommodations to the student) include note taking, extended exam time, isolated exam setting, enlarged text, audio recorded exams, use of computer, readers, etc.

Professor Lookup

 Students can view the  Student Perception of Teaching (SPOT) online to see how previous student rate their professors.