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ATTENTION: The ucew is offering online appointments only until further notice, and we will have only a single schedule for all campuses.    



The UCEW is excited to announce that starting in Summer 2020, all appointments will be managed in a new software program that will be much easier to use and supports online appointments. All students will need to register for an account the first time using your FAU email address.  

To accommodate as many students as possible, the following policies will apply:

  • All students are eligible for 1 (one) appointment per day

  • Appointment times will be limited to 40 minutes

  • All students can book a maximum of 2 (two) appointments per week

Since we will not have front desk staff during this time to take your phone calls, please email the Director, Jeff Galin, at jgalin@fau.edu or the Assistant Director, Kate Polak, at kpolak@fau.edu if you do not receive an invitation to join your consultation, or you have any questions or concerns. You may also call 561-297-3498 for more immediate assistance.

The UCEW will resume normal operations when FAU classes meet on campus again. 

First time user? Read our FAQ here.

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