Family Handbook

The transition to college embarks an exciting and challenging journey for your student as they navigate the waters of independence. While this transition will ultimately redefine the relationship you have with your student, your role in your student’s life remains crucial to their success.

Florida Atlantic University aims to equip you with the best possible strategies to engage in meaningful and productive conversations with your student. In a partnership with Owls Care Health Promotion, we are offering access to “A Family Handbook for Talking with College Students About Alcohol”. This innovative, research-backed resource provides a variety of strategies and topics which you customize into a conversation that fits your unique style and relationship with your student and is reflective of your family values.

To receive access to this web-based content, please reach out to the Office of Family Engagement and we will provide you with the credentials to receive your free digital content.

For access to the Family Handbook, email us at

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