Owl Family Scholarship

Attention students: Family Engagement and the Owl Parent Association (OPA, no longer functioning) have worked to create a scholarship called the Owl Family Scholarship. Read the instructions below for more information.


How to Apply

Access the application from MYFAU, on the Money Matters tile.

  • Only apply for scholarships to which you qualify.
  • Highly recommended, as it saves time and narrows down your search, is the scholarship search feature in the scholarship application.
  • Apply early, as application selection is limited!
  • Some opportunities require additional information such as reference letters or supporting documentation.

The Owl Family Scholarship was established to award deserving first- or second-year students who demonstrate a financial need and are in good academic standing. Students must be enrolled full time with a 2.5 GPA or higher. An essay is required explaining the importance of their familial support system (parents, relatives, close friends, etc.) and how they have aided in their academic success. A completed FAFSA is required to be considered for this scholarship.

The scholarship is officially live on fau.edu/finaid/types-of-aid/scholarships!

2023 Owl Family Scholarship Recipient

Recipient: Nadhir Gangat