“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College offers an all-honors education at an all-honors college to students who demonstrate an active approach to learning and the potential for academic growth. We look not only for high grade point averages and test scores, but also for evidence that students have sought out the most challenging courses available at their schools (AICE, AP, IB, Dual-enrollment, and Honors).

Admissions Decisions are based on a variety of factors in addition to academic records. The Admissions Office seeks students who possess leadership qualities, write well, and are involved in school and community activities. To apply to the Wilkes Honors College, students complete the Common Application and add Wilkes Honors College of FAU under the “My Colleges” tab. For more information on how to apply to the Wilkes Honors College, please click on the button below. Our incoming student profile is SAT 1210-1360, ACT 27-31 and weighted GPA of 3.96-4.40.

Academic Preparation: Qualified applicants for admission will have a minimum of 19 academic units in high school, including the following subjects: English (4 units), mathematics (4 units), social studies (3-4 units), natural sciences (3-4 units, 2 must contain labs), foreign language (2 units, 2 must be in the same language) and electives (4 units).

Grade Point Average Requirement: The high school grade point average is calculated using only grades for academic courses. Honors, Advanced Placement, AICE and International Baccalaureate courses receive additional weight in the calculation of grade point average.

Resume: Submitting a resume is optional, but provides an opportunity to enhance a student’s application if desired. Resumes include a student’s extracurricular activities, community involvement, work experience, honors and awards.

Writing Sample: The writing sample is optional and should be a typed assignment written for a recent class. The original work with grade and teacher comments is preferred. The writing sample should reveal a high level of communication and critical thinking. It should be an academic paper, not a creative writing piece.

Living on Campus: Living in student housing is required for the first two years at the Honors College. Students must be enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate. A resident may be required to depart from University Housing if enrolled credit hours drop below full-time status, at the request of the Director of Housing or designee. Non-Honors College students who attend the Jupiter Campus can also apply for housing but are not required to do so. Exceptions are made for those students who are 24 years of age or older at the date of matriculation, or for those who are married, have dependent children, own a home prior to their date of matriculation, or have been honorably discharged from the US Military. Students who wish to be exempt must apply prior to the start of the academic year and need to contact for more information.

The Office of Admissions is here to assist you throughout the college search and application process. The Admissions staff looks forward to meeting you!

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