Mooring, Water Discharge, Research, Water Quality, Water Transfer, Water Dispersion, Florida Everglades, Florida Keys, Florida Bay, EPA, Grant, Environment
June 22, 2022
Researchers from FAU Harbor Branch have received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to study the connectivity between the Everglades and Florida Keys via the Florida Bay.
June 13, 2022
Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute recently received the first FAU Research Cores Internal Pilot (RCIP) Grant to support water sample nutrient analysis project with FAU’s...
Marine Science, Marine Sponges, Marine Biotechnology, Medicines from the Sea, Ocean Explorer, Aquanaut, Marine Biotechnologist
May 05, 2022
FAU Harbor Branch's Shirley Pomponi, Ph.D., an ocean explorer, aquanaut and marine biotechnologist, will receive the Society for In Vitro Biology's highest award - the 2022 "Lifetime Achievement Award."
FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Commemorates  50 Years of Ocean Science for a Better World®
May 04, 2022
FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute commemorated 50 Years of Ocean Science for a Better World ® and the finale of the 2022 50th Anniversary Ocean Science Lecture Series season with a panel discussion and special reception...
NSF, NSF CAREER Award, Marine Science, Research, Shellfish, Predator-prey, Early-career Faculty, Climate Change, Ecosystem, Ecology
April 20, 2022
FAU Harbor Branch researcher Matt Ajemian, Ph.D., has received a $1,103,081 NSF CAREER grant for a project that will unravel marine predator-prey interactions using novel "crunch-meter" technology.
irl symposium 2022
April 06, 2022
Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute will host the 2022 Indian River Lagoon (IRL) Symposium, themed “Connectivity,” on Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22.
Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, SNMREC, Marine Energy Technologies, Ocean Energy, Gulf Stream, Blue Sector, Blue Economy, U.S. Department of Energy, Turbine Technology, Ocean Engineering
March 04, 2022
FAU's Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center has announced expansion plans later this year that will include new university partnerships, capabilities and opportunities.
Dolphin swimming in ocean
February 09, 2022
Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce is welcoming the public to join researchers in collecting information on wild dolphin populations through “Dolphin Spotter,” a new land-based...
Manatee, Romaine Lettuce, Florida Indian River Lagoon, Starvation, Conservation, Seagrass, Harmful Algal Blooms
February 08, 2022
A study shows widespread seagrass loss in Florida's Indian River Lagoon as FAU scientists experiment with growing seagrass in large tanks to try to restore some of the lost seagrass beds.
Microplastics, Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pollution, Plastics, Ocean Depth, Gyre Center, Ocean Currents
February 02, 2022
A study is the first to unveil the prevalence of plastics in the entire water column in the southern Atlantic Ocean and implicates the ocean interior as a crucial pool of 'missing' plastics.