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FAU Harbor Branch Dives into 50-year Celebration with Exclusive Reveal of Famed Submersible, Special Events

Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute will host a series of special events to celebrate its 50th anniversary with “Ocean Science for a Better World®,” beginning on Monday, Nov. 1. more

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FAU Harbor Branch Plants Partnership with MANG® to Promote Sustainability, Education and Conservation

Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute today announced a new partnership with MANG® as a tribute to the institute’s key research areas. more

Mesophotic Reefs, Coral Reefs, Florida Keys, Coral Reef Populations, Conservation, Coral Species, Genotyping, Genetic Structure, Genomic Diversity, Dry Tortugas

Mesophotic Reefs Significant for Florida Keys' Coral Recovery

FAU Harbor Branch scientists compared coral genetic variation in the Dry Tortugas and Florida Keys… more

Sharks, Recreational Fishing, Depredation, Social Media, Forensics, Citizen-science, Fishermen, Biological Impacts, Economic Impacts, Conservation

FAU Receives NOAA Grant to Assess Shark Interactions with Fishing

Researchers from FAU Harbor Branch will assess shark interactions with recreational fishing using a citizen-science approach, forensics and social media to gauge prevalence and species of fish involved. more

North Atlantic Right Whale, Endangered Species, Whales, Vocalization, Passive Acoustics Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Animal Behavior, Conservation, Communication

'Whoop' - New Autonomous Method Precisely Detects Whale Vocalizations

FAU researchers have developed autonomous passive acoustic technology that offers significant advances on conventional methods used to monitor and protect endangered whales in the increasingly noisy ocean. more

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