Bing Ouyang, Ph.D., U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Patent, Underwater Imaging Device, Researcher

FAU Researcher Receives U.S. Patent for Underwater Imaging Device

FAU Harbor Branch's Bing Ouyang, Ph.D., has received a patent for a new invention about the size of a soda can, which is a potential gamechanger in advanced underwater imaging technology. more

Red Hind Groupers, Fish, Puerto Rico, U.S. Caribbean

Protected Sex: Study Records Grouper Mating Calls in U.S. Caribbean

FAU Harbor Branch researchers deployed an autonomous, passive acoustic platform to survey marine protected areas on the western shelf of Puerto Rico during grouper reproductive seasons. more

Whitespotted Eagle Ray, DNA, Feeding, Dining, Feeding Patterns, Crunching, U.S. Coastal Waters

DNA Decodes Dining Desires of Shell-Shucking Whitespotted Eagle Rays

FAU Harbor Branch researchers are the first to uncover the finer-scale feeding patterns of the whitespotted eagle ray in U.S. coastal waters. more

Brown Tide, Macroalgae, Turkey Creek, Indian River Lagoon, Red Drift Macroalgae

Sewage, Not Fertilizer Fueling Nitrogen Surge in Indian River Lagoon

FAU Harbor Branch researchers compared water quality in Florida's Indian River Lagoon "pre" and five-years "post" fertilizer bans, revealing sewage, not fertilizer is the root cause of environmental issues. more

Goliath Grouper, Acoustics, Sounds, Marine Organisms, Automated Detector

Boom! Detecting Gregarious Goliath Groupers Using Their Sounds

FAU researchers deployed a novel automated detector and localization model to find underwater marine organisms using their low-frequency pulse sounds to illustrate their detailed behavior. more

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