Travel Reminders

Holiday breaks are an exciting time off from coursework, and possibly a chance to leave campus to travel. In order to travel outside of the the U.S., international students need a current* travel signature in their I-20 or DS-2019. Also, we recommend that you carry an unofficial transcript or copy of your current course schedule as proof that you are currently enrolled and maintaining status. If you believe you do not have proper travel documents, email or call 561-297-3049.

* Please note that a current travel signature means received within the last 6 months for DS-2019 or 12 months for I-20

Be reminded about the following rules during travel:

1. While traveling, you should keep important documents with you and not in a checked suitcase. Important documents include: 

  • A signed Form I-20  or DS-2019 - make sure you bring this form for signature to the International Services office min 3-5 days before you travel to allow processing
  • A current passport, valid for at least six months to the future; 
  • A valid student visa; 
  • Proof of financial support;
  • It is recommended that you bring proof of enrollment (transcripts, letter from the Registrar)

2. If you are traveling outside the United States to a place that is not your home country, you should know that country’s visa requirements and plan accordingly. Please contact that country’s embassy or consulate for the necessary information.

3. If you (and/or your dependents) are traveling to Canada, Mexico or an adjacent island for less than 30 days on an expired visa, you may be permitted to re-enter the United States under the automatic visa revalidation. 

One final important reminder for students is to have fun and stay safe!

Travel and Re-entry

If you are an international student/scholar planning to travel abroad during the break, please review this updated travel information advisory: Current Travel Rentry

I-94 Automation Procedure:

Paper I-94 cards are no longer issued at airports upon arrival in the U.S.  Your arrival/departure records are now electronically maintained. Upon returning from an international trip, go to , download and save as a pdf (or screenshot from your phone) a copy of your I-94 record and upload it electronically at  I-94 Request E-form 

Address Updates:

Please check your MyFAU and update the SEVIS local and SEVIS foreign addresses if necessary. Also, fill out the  Change of Address Form  and  submit to International Services within 10 days from the date you move.