FAU Education Abroad provides affordable short and long-term study abroad opportunities that allow undergraduate and graduate students to travel the world while earning academic credit toward the completion of their degree! Through participating in one of FAU’s exciting study abroad programs, students can:

  • Complete coursework in English for major, minor, elective, or general education credits
  • Utilize financial aid, in addition to accessing additional study abroad funding and scholarships
  • Study independently with students from around the world at a host institution or together with a group of FAU students and faculty leaders

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FAU faculty-led programs are short-term study abroad programs that add an international travel component to an already existing FAU course(s). They are offered for 1-6 weeks during the fall, spring, and summer terms. Students travel as a cohort with FAU professors and have a short-term immersion experience. Destinations and coursework vary by the year.

Program highlights:

  • Travel as a group with professors
  • Offer onsite support and orientation
  • Organized and administered by FAU
  • Utilize FAU financial aid & scholarships
  • Registered for FAU coursework/credits
  • Perfect fit for working students looking for a short-term study abroad option
  • Open to degree and non-degree students
  • Take courses in English in an academic system with which you are already familiar


FAU has exchange partners around the world. We send domestic students abroad and welcome international students for study abroad experiences at FAU! Exchange programs are offered during the fall and spring semester (2-12 week summer options are available on a limited basis) and allow students to enroll in a host institution abroad. Though students participate in coursework at the host institution, they are pre-approved for coursework and registered at FAU.

Program highlights:

  • Offers onsite orientation, support, and international student services
  • Provides a more independent option for student travelers
  • Utilize FAU financial aid & scholarships
  • Meet other students from around the world
  • Access course options or activities not offered at FAU
  • Accredited partners visited and reviewed by FAU
  • Open to degree-students only
  • Experience a new academic system and teaching style


FAU partners with various institutions around the world to offer additional semester and summer program options! Our direct enroll partners include foreign universities or study abroad schools specifically oriented towards incoming international students. For direct enroll partner programs, students enroll, register, and pay as international students at the host institution. Coursework is offered in English or the local language, and courses are pre-approved and applied as transfer work upon successful completion.

Program highlights:

  • Offers onsite support, orientation, and international student services
  • Provides a more independent option for student travelers
  • Utilize certain types of financial aid and scholarships
  • Meet other students from around the world
  • Access course options or activities not offered at FAU
  • High quality academic partners reviewed and already approved by FAU
  • Experience a new academic system and teaching style
  • No waitlists—enroll when you are ready!
  • Can be a more cost effective option for out-of-state and international students


Once students have reviewed FAU study abroad options, they may consider applying to a third-party program, which includes but is not limited to study abroad providers, other U.S. college/university study abroad programs, or a foreign institution abroad with whom FAU is not a direct enroll partner. FAU is committed to supporting all students in achieving their study abroad goals and provides support services for these options as well. If a student is interested in having coursework pre-approved for transfer credit at FAU or wishes to access federal financial aid options, then they are required to have their non-FAU program reviewed by Education Abroad using the below form and deadlines:



Fall/Yearlong Programs: March 1st
Spring Programs: October 1st
Summer Programs: April 1st

Students should be aware that having their program reviewed and submitted through the Education Abroad office can take 2-4 weeks for consideration and does not mean that Education Abroad can guarantee the academic quality, health and safety procedures, onsite support, cost and fees, access to housing, or any other considerations of the program. Students are solely responsible for gathering all materials for review, which includes but is not limited to obtaining emergency contact information, requesting and collecting current course syllabi, completing any additional provider application/acceptance materials, and others. These programs can be more costly than FAU study abroad programs, so in order to access federal financial aid students must have select a program in which a third party provider will sign and agree to the FAU Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.