Costs & Fees

Education Abroad Administrative Fee

All students participating in an abroad program pay an administrative fee, depending on the type and length of their program, as is a common practice for study abroad offices nationwide.  This fee allows FAU Education Abroad staff to provide a broad range of support including but not limited to 24-hour emergency response support, program development and evaluation, student scholarships, marketing and recruitment, professional development, student advising, financial planning and scholarship support, events and workshops for the FAU community, and more.

Current administrative fees are as follows:
$200 Education Abroad Administrative Fee for all programs and all semesters

Faculty-Led Program Costs

Students studying on FAU Faculty-Led programs pay the cost of tuition directly to the Cashiers Office. Students must be enrolled for the minimum number of credits hours offered on the program.

There is also a required program fee which is generally paid to the Education Abroad Marketplace page by the deadline given upon acceptance. The program fee generally includes accommodations, some meals, in-country transportation, cultural activities, and international health insurance. Airfare may or may not be included depending on the program.

Exchange Program Costs

Students studying on FAU exchange programs pay FAU tuition directly to the Cashier's Office. The additional costs of studying on an exchange are paid by the student, usually to the exchange partner directly. Students pay for their own housing (unless otherwise included), meals, transportation costs, airfare, living expenses and all incidentals.

Direct Enroll and Non-FAU Program Costs

Students studying on FAU approved direct enroll or other non-FAU programs and affiliates pay tuition and programs costs directly to the institution or program provider.

International Health & Travel Insurance

CISI insurance is required for all students participating in approved education abroad programs. The cost of coverage is determined by the duration of the program. Students will be informed of their CISI financial responsibility upon acceptance into a program. More information regarding this coverage can be found on the insurance webpage.