Student Stories

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a study abroad student? Well, here is your opportunity to read firsthand what FAU students are saying about adding a study abroad experience to their academic studies. They did it--and so can you!



G’Day! My name is Viviana Hernandez and I am an Elementary Education (Primary Education) major with a minor in Spanish. During the Fall of 2018, my junior year (3 rd  year), I participated in an exchange program to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Sydney, Australia. I chose to study abroad because I wanted to have the opportunity to explore a different country from a locals’ point of view and be able to explore what the world has to offer outside of the USA.

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I choose to study abroad because I love traveling and learning new languages. The major factor in my decision was the French class I took in Freshman year, 2018. My professor is from Paris, France. Her class encouraged me to just go to Paris. - Adriana Fuller studied with the American Business School in Paris Exchange Program in the Spring 2020 term.,


I chose the exchange program at AAU in Prague because first I thought the city of Prague looked incredible and magical (I was right, it is), and second I chose it because I am Political Science major and it allowed me to take classes in my major or classes outside my major like electives - Jay Weisbond studied with the Anglo-American University (Prague) Exchange Program in the Spring 2020 term.




 My favorite pastime was grabbing a friend or two and hopping on a train to a nearby   town. One such trip was to the city of York. It was founded in 71AD and is only an hour   train ride from Newcastle. This rich history and architecture are marveling. -   Kendrich   Panoch studied at the University of Northumbria Exchange Program in the Spring 2020   term.