Third-Party Providers


Third-party providers are independent organizations that facilitate or administer study abroad programs. They often act as intermediaries by assisting program participants with logistics like course registration and housing arrangements. While models differ, academic and social guidance is generally included throughout the duration of a program, such as orientation, support services, field trips and cultural activities.

All FAU students studying abroad, regardless of program type, must complete an FAU Education Abroad Application. Talk to a Study Abroad Advisor for more information on how to choose the program that is best for you and how to apply. Click here for information on Appointments & Advising!

The health and well-being of our students is our primary concern. Our Affiliate third-party provider partners generally have in-country staff as well as risk and security staff in the US who carefully monitor local regulations and the global COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety of their participants. For more information on an affiliates COVID-19 policy and other program requirements, be sure to check directly with the Affiliate.

FAU Education Abroad has official affiliation agreements with the following third-party providers:
Florida Atlantic University does not have affiliation agreements with any other third-party providers. If you choose to study abroad through providers or universities not affiliated with Florida Atlantic University, the Education Abroad office can’t guarantee if credits earned will be accepted by FAU or if financial aid is eligible for the study abroad. The level of support and advising Education Abroad can offer is limited for non-affiliated programs and students are not eligible to apply for the FAU Education Abroad Scholarship.