Policies & Procedures

FAU Education Abroad has developed a series of policies and procedures to protect and support students participating in FAU approved study abroad programs.


Student Travel Abroad

FAU supports students traveling abroad on study abroad programs and university-related travel opportunities.  For more information on types of student travel abroad, general requirements, and procedures, please visit the Student Travel Abroad page.  Students are also expected to comply with all University policies, including those related to domestic and international travel.



FAU requires participants in study abroad programs to meet the minimum requirements:

  • Open to students of all academic disciplines with a cumulative of 2.5 GPA or higher for undergraduate students/3.0 GPA or higher for graduate students
  • Students must be in good academic standing

Some study abroad programs may have additional GPA or application requirements.

Exceptions to the overall GPA and academic standing requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Education Abroad Director. Exceptions depend on many factors and an approval is not quaranteed. Review GPA and Academic Standing Exception Request Form here

FAU exchange programs are open to FAU degree-seeking students only, and FAU degree-seeking students are generally given priority access on other types of programming.

All students traveling abroad are responsible for ensuring they are in possession of a passport valid for duration of travel (and beyond as some host countries require) and have obtained the appropriate clearance and immigration documentation for travel abroad.  While Education Abroad can provide general guidance on applying for passports and visas, the student is ultimately responsible researching requirements, gathering all materials, funding, and applying for their visa in a timely fashion.  Non-U.S. citizens, especially those on international student visas, should check with International Services regarding traveling outside of the United States.  Even with appropriate documentation, Education Abroad cannot guarantee entry into the host country or re-entry into the United States during or after travel abroad, nor is responsible for any related fees or expenses.


Application & Admission

All students participating in an FAU-approved study abroad program are required to complete the online study abroad application and admission process.

  1.   Study Abroad Application - For students applying for programs, you will apply through Education Abroad's new study abroad application system which will be provided via e-mail.  FAU degree-seeking students MUST use their FAU email address to sign on through the single-sign option.
  2.   Acceptance  -  Student applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis for degree-seeking students.  Submitting all of the required materials will ensure a students best chance for success.  Please keep in mind that even though you may be accepted by FAU, some exchange programs, direct enroll programs, and third-party providers require that you submit an additional application for approval by the host institution/provider.  Be sure you have communicated with your study abroad advisor to confirm the steps you must take to participate and get approval for any non-FAU programs by the dates below.
  3.   Admission - Once a student elects to move ahead with their program, they should commit to the program in SMApply and submit remaining forms and payments (if required).  Failing to submit required forms in a timely fashion could result in being withdrawn from the program.

For FAU programs, students should refer to all application and admission dates and deadlines as communicated by Education Abroad. 


Costs & Fees

All students participating on an Education Abroad program are required to pay the Education Abroad Administrative Fee and related program costs, including mandatory international health & travel insurance.


Cancellation, Withdrawal, & Refunds

FAU considers student safety one of its highest priorities. Therefore, it is Florida Atlantic University's policy to cancel any previously planned FAU approved study abroad programming in a location that is considered unsafe by the University or for which the U.S. State Department has issued a Travel Advisory or Alert. Education Abroad reviews the U.S. State Department information regularly at http://travel.state.gov and monitors other sources such as announcements from the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) to have the most current information about the countries where FAU students are or will be studying. FAU further reserves the right to cancel any program for any reason at our sole discretion, including without limitation under-enrollment.

If FAU cancels a program for any reason, Education Abroad will make reasonable efforts to refund recoverable costs to the participants. Education Abroad cannot guarantee that any recoverable costs can be provided. If a program is canceled after the program has started instruction abroad, Education Abroad will make reasonable efforts to assist students to complete the coursework for the program.  

If a student needs to withdraw from a program for any reason, they should consult their study abroad advisor and then formally confirm via email their decision to withdraw. Students who withdraw after the program has been confirmed to run will be responsible for the fees, deposits, payments, and any other expenses that have been paid on their behalf and are not recoverable. This means if the student has not yet paid the full program balance or does not attend the program, he/she may still be responsible for paying those unrecoverable program costs in addition to any deposit.  No refund will be issued to students who do not possess a valid passport or visa stamp at the time of departure.

For students on faculty-led and exchange programs:

  • If Education Abroad cancels a program prior to the start date, the administrative fee will be refunded to the student.  If any program fees submitted by the student have already been paid out to cover costs abroad, Education Abroad will make reasonable efforts to recover and refund payments.  
  • If a student cancels prior to the start of the program abroad they will forfeit the administrative fee, any deposit, and any other fees expended or committed on the student’s behalf, which are not recoverable by Education Abroad. Once a student submits their first program fee payment, the student is locked-in financially for the full program balance and Education Abroad cannot guarantee any program refund. The university may consider exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
  • If a student cancels, withdraws or is dismissed from their program after its commencement for any reason, including without limitation academic reasons, health matters or misconduct, no refunds will be given. The university may consider exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
  • No refunds will be given if a student does not participate in mandatory or non-mandatory program activities (such as field trips, excursions, cultural events, included meals, etc.).
  • If a student is suspended prior to the departure of their study abroad program and is no longer permitted to go under the university’s academic policies, it does not release the student from their financial obligations.

For students on direct enroll partner and non-FAU programs:

  • Students must follow and abide by their program/host institutions cancellation and refund policies and may or may not have their fees refunded depending on the policy. Be sure that you know the cancellation deadlines and policies of your program/host institution.
  • Students that cancel prior to the start of the term abroad will forfeit the Education Abroad administrative fee.

Additional Payment and Funding Information to Consider:

  • Study abroad scholarships are not guaranteed and students who have committed to a study abroad program should plan an alternative way to cover program expenses in case scholarship funds are not awarded. 
  • Students applying for any type of study abroad scholarships are not exempt from program fee payments or deadlines and must still abide by the Cancellation, Withdraw, & Refund policy above.
  • Financial aid and scholarships may not be released until after a students study abroad program start date. Students are still be required to pay program fees upfront or by required deadlines even if eligible funding has not yet been disbursed. 


Safety & Security

Students participating in study abroad programs are required to complete several tasks to support their safety and security while traveling abroad:

  1. Read and understand the Student Travel Abroad Handbook.
  2. Obtain FAU-approved CISI travel insurance coordinated through Education Abroad.
  3.  Attend Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation (details are sent out to accepted students each term)