Direct Enroll Partner Programs

Students have the option to directly enroll with one of FAU's partner schools by registering and paying the institution abroad. In this event, students would not be a registered at FAU, rather at the host institution, and would complete study abroad coursework abroad for transfer credit. Students would have support and guidance from Education Abroad throughout this process.


COVID-19 Update

Fall 2021 study abroad programming has yet to be confirmed. Please hold off on submitting any application until we have updates. Additional FAU updates related to COVID-19 can be found here.

If you are interested in a future study abroad program, contact the Education Abroad team for information on open programs and our new application system launching soon! 






International Student Info
Courses: Humanities, Social Sciences, European History, International Relations, Journalism and Communication, and more
Language of Instruction: English
Program Advisor:  Brendan Richardson



Courses: Comprehensive course offerings 
Language of Instruction: English
Program Advisor:  Brendan Richardson 


Spain - Saginor - Huerto.jpg


International Student Info
Courses (two options): Pre-Established Program; Selected Courses
Language of Instruction: English and Spanish
Summer School 
Program Advisor:  Lindsay Hughes


Courses: Comprehensive Course Offerings available
Language of Instruction: English/Spanish
Spanish Language Summer Program
Program Advisor: Lindsay Hughes