Watermark (LiveText) for Students

Watermark (LiveText) FAQs responses

Why is this something I need to purchase now?

The Florida Department of Education adopted new program approval standards for initial certification programs late in 2006. The new standards called for the collection of assessment data which track competency mastery of CAs for all program participants. The College of Education had to submit a plan to address the new standards in August 2008. Implementation of the FDOE approved plan was targeted for the 2009-2010 academic year. To maintain degree programs and certification eligibility of those state approved degree programs, the college and department must provide programs that comply with these unfunded state mandates.
Watermark (LiveText) is the student assessment tool that will be used in initial certification programs to track individual student competency mastery (CAs) in initial certification programs.

Who is required to purchase Watermark (LiveText)?

ALL students, regardless of the reason for course enrollment, are required to purchase a Watermark (LiveText) account in any course with a competency assessed as a critical assignment.

What if my portfolio is already finished?

The Florida statute, rule, and performance standards address the electronic collection of student performance data using Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs). Every Critical Assignment, in every course, must now be assessed and electronically linked to candidate (your) competency performance. This assessment tool addresses all courses, not only those linked to portfolio-based competencies.

Where may I find answers to questions regarding the purchase and use of Watermark (LiveText)?

The Watermark (LiveText) website, www.livetext.com is your best source for web-based training and information. Also, the College of Education website has space dedicated to LiveText, for both faculty and students.

Which programs and degrees are impacted by this state-mandated requirement?

Any degree program leading to initial certification must comply with this mandate this academic year, for all graduates. This includes Elementary Education, all Secondary Education programs, Elementary Education plus Certification, Curriculum and Instruction plus Certification, Reading Education, Counselor Education-School Counselors, Educational Leadership-School Leaders, and Exceptional Student Education. Other degree programs will use LiveText to support competency based proficiency in response to other accreditation requirements.

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