Bylaws and Meeting Minutes

Diversity Committee Bylaws

(Approved: September 27th 2019)

The College of Education Diversity Committee serves as an advisory body to the Dean and the faculty of the College of Education on matters pertaining to the building and effective maintenance of programming, recruitment and organizational climate hospitable to equity in the context of diversity and inclusion. The committee supports the commitment of the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University to preparing professionals for effective participation in diverse professional and civic environments and recognizes the value of diversity among administrators, faculty, staff and students in fulfilling this goal.

The committee is composed of members from each of the College of Education’s academic departments and the Office for Academic and Student Services (OASS), and from the undergraduate and graduate student body. Each department and OASS will have one representative designated as a voting member. Where applicable, the undergraduate and graduate student representative(s) will also have one vote each. The committee members act as liaisons with their Departments to ensure that committee recommendations are considered in the development of Department diversity plans and curricular offerings. The chair of this committee is elected bi-ennially by the committee members. The chairperson of the committee shall be a College representative to the University Diversity Council. To the extent possible, the committee shall be composed of members who represent diversity in terms of experiential and/or demographic background, and campus location (e.g. Jupiter, Davie, Boca).

The committee is charged with:

  • promoting the education of our students for effective and equitable professional practice and leadership at the local, state, national, and international level;
  • supporting College departments’ initiatives and issues related to diversity and inclusivity;
  • recommending policies and procedures on diversity and inclusivity to the College and the University; and
  • supporting the active participation of faculty and student in events and activities related to diversity and inclusivity at the local, state, national, and international level.
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