Hanizah Zainuddin

Born in Malaysia, I came to the United States after high school to pursue my college education. I majored in English for my undergraduate degree and then pursued a Master’s in TESOL at Southern Illinois University. I received my Ph.D. in Language Education with an emphasis in TESOL from Indiana University-Bloomington in 1995. My areas of interest include teacher preparation in ESOL, family literacy, the identification and referral process of English learners for special education, assessments for English learners, and the sociocultural adaptations of indigenous and immigrant populations in the United States. In 2007, Joan Friedenberg, now a retired Professor, and I were awarded a substantial grant from the U.S Department of Education which aims to improve educational services for English learners by providing funds to school teachers to get their ESOL endorsement; these funds have also created a graduate-level M.A. program in TESOL and Bilingual Education, helped teachers gain advanced training in TESOL and develop an appreciation for multilingualism to advocate for more dual language education for all students, and helped school administrators and education faculty at the university gain access to ESOL training. Before becoming a teacher trainer, I taught college ESL for 12 years and critical reading and writing to college bound international students at Indiana University, Bloomington. I love to travel, play my piano, and cook.

Hanizah Zainuddin

Dr. Hanizah Zainuddin

Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: ED 47 - 347
Campus: Boca