Dilys Schoorman views service as being integral to her role as a teacher and scholar. She frames research as service to her research partners and the public good, and her teaching is linked to a commitment to equity and social justice within schools and the community. She strives to serve public school teachers and their students by modeling appropriate university-school collaborations.


The Educational Equity Partnership Project is the outcome of a multi-year year partnership with educational leaders in Broward County, FL. As part of the partnership the department of Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry will offer five 6-8 week modules over three years to Broward County Teachers who work in Title 1 schools. The purpose is for faculty and teachers to work in partnership to identify how best to achieve educational equity for students historically under-served in our schools. Insights from class discussions and data-based analyses will be disseminated through local and national presentations and publications.

Module 1: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Fall 17
Module 2: Developing Multicultural Curriculum Fall 18
Module 3: Equity in Schools and Society Spring 19
Module 4: Parental Inclusion & Community Engagement Fall 19
Module 5: Leadership & Advocacy in Diverse Communities Fall 20


Her work with the Maya Ministry Family Literacy Program (2004-2011) has been especially rewarding. How do you begin to teach adults who have never been to school to read and write in their third language? Sister Rachel Sena and her staff at the Maya Ministry Family Literacy Program did this.

This collaboration has yielded numerous journal publications and conference presentations..

She strives to serve public school teachers and their students by modeling appropriate university-school collaborations, including:

  • Voluntary presentations at district professional development institutes
  • Collaborative development of annual series of university-school district professional development institutes on multicultural education hosted by curriculum-instruction [See:]
  • Partnerships on collaborative grant proposals to support education for equity
  • Collaborative research and curriculum partnerships with K-12 educators including presentations at national conferences
  • Lead organizer of annual keynote speaker series (2016- present)
  • Tutor, advocate for immigrant students to enhance home-school partnerships

Departmental / College Service:

It is important (even if difficult!) to model one’s principles in all aspects of one’s professional responsibility. In Dilys Schoorman’s case, this means a commitment to carry an equitable share of the collegial workload, and to engage in scholarly discussion and decision making where all voices and viewpoints are heard.

Department Chair, July 2016 - 2019
Ph.D. Coordinator – 2014/15 – 2015/16
Interim Department Chair – Fall 2012
Faculty Assembly Secretary/ Leadership Team (2003-04)
TESOL Program Area Coordinator 2013/14
Multicultural Education Program Area Coordinator (2010/11-2011/12)

Chair, College of Education Diversity Committee (2019/20 – present)

Faculty Advisor, Student Achievement Council (2019/20- present)

Department representative on:

  • Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee (2013/14- 2015/16))
  • Instructor Promotion and Tenure Committee (2014/15)
  • Diversity Committee (2011/12 – present)
  • Continuous Improvement Plan Committee (for CAEP Accreditation; 2014/15)
  • Graduate Programs Committee (2010/11-2011/12)
  • Faculty Assembly Steering Committee (2006/07- 2011/12)

University Service:

At a time when collegial governance is being threatened by corporatization, it is crucial and all faculty members become aware of the political shifts in decision making and engage actively in reclaiming their voice in determining the future of the academy, especially as a sphere for democratic praxis.

Faculty Governance: 
Co-chair, University Faculty Senate Diversity Committee (2020- present)
Member of the University Faculty Senate Steering Committee (2006/07- 2007/08; 2009/10; 2011/2012; 2014/15-2016/17)

Member, Diversity Platform Council (2017-present)

FAU Peace, Justice and Human Rights Initiative
Chair, Curriculum Committee
Community Engagement Fellow

DEI Faculty Partner – 2021/22

Supporting ongoing and integrative efforts in comprehensive DEI initiatives that benefit students and faculty
Consultant to the University TASL committee on the DEI academic compact

Human Library: One World, Many Stories
Participated in the inaugural Human Library Project at FAU, November 15, 2016. Part of the celebrations of International Week
Book title: Causing Good Trouble: Our Lives as Curriculum

Dilys Schoorman

Dilys Schoorman

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: ED 47 - 467
Campus: Boca