Bianca Nightengale-Lee, Ph.D.

As a critically engaged community researcher, Dr. Nightingale-Lee's scholarship revolves around critical and sociocultural frameworks that seek to interrogate, resist and re-frame conventional ideologies of education, to better prepare educators for the realities of an evolving culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) student population.

Within teacher preparation, she examines what it might mean to approach issues of inequity, privilege, and oppression with teachers through critical inquiry and intersectionality. From this perspective, Dr. Nightingale-Lee examines the impact of teacher preparatory curriculum designed to analyze, and deconstruct intersecting social positionalities to help make salient, the effects of institutionalized oppression on the educational outcomes of underrepresented students. With this effort, Dr. Nightingale-lee aims to support the next generation of educators to make socially conscious decisions about the methods and materials they utilize to best support the educational needs of all students.

Within schools and community, her research investigates how to improve the literacy outcomes of African-American Urban students (AAUS) through critical hip-hop literacy . Understanding the reading process as one entangled in sociocultural context, sociolinguistic ability, and textual practice, Dr. Nightengale-Lee works with teachers and community members to create curriculum that draws on the cultural resources of AAUS through Hip-Hop Literacy modules. Using hip-hop as a curricular vehicle, stretches beyond traditional literacy norms, to honor the lived realities of urban life through song, art, dance, and self-expression. An emergent theme tied to this work illustrates the power of hip-hop to affirm AAUS relevancy within the classroom, by positioning their cultural language and literary practice as the foundation for all literacy learning.

Bianca Nightengale-Lee

Dr. Bianca Nightengale-Lee

Assistant Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: ED 47 - 345
Campus: Boca