Office of Appreciative Education’s Care Out Loud Campaign

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What is the Care Out Loud Campaign?

Care Out Loud is a key feature of Appreciative Advising. As Appreciative Educators, we are committed to "caring out loud," that is, intentionally demonstrating to students and colleagues that they matter. It is meeting others where they are to encourage them on their respective journeys. We often have benefitted from others who have "cared out loud" and encouraged us along our journeys, and we invite you to join us in paying it forward. Especially during this time of challenge and uncertainty, we have the power to #CareOutLoud and help those within our spheres of influence to truly flourish and thrive!

How can I show appreciation for someone who has cared out loud for me? (Nominate a person or institution initiative)

We would love for you to nominate someone who has "Cared Out Loud" in your life. Please fill out this Google nomination form. The Office of Appreciative Education team will then send an e-certificate of appreciation to acknowledge how that person made an impact in your life because they cared out loud!