Congratulations 2022-2023 Graduates

First Name Last Name Dissertation / Thesis Title Doctoral Advisor Semester / Year of Graduation Program Classification
Adam DeRosa The Impact of COVID-19 on Dual Enrollment Including Access, Equity, and Learning Environment: Lessons Learned from the Secondary and Post-Secondary School Staff and Administrators Who Facilitate These Programs Deborah L. Floyd, Ph.D., and Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Ed.D. Fall / 2023 HE
Mary Killeen The Consequences of Elementary School State Accountability Data Usage in One Florida School District Meredith Mountford, Ph.D. " Fall / 2023" SL
Sara Kosches Principals build trusting relationships with novice and experienced teachers and strengthen teacher retention in low-performing, underserved urban schools Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Ed.D. " Fall / 2023" SL
Renee Law Resilient Stretching in Community College Leaders: Institutional Fiscal Decision-Making during the COVID-19 Pandemic Deborah Floyd, Ed.D., and Jarrett Warshaw, Ph.D. " Fall / 2023" HE
Katherine Policastro " A Coaching Connection for School Principals to Prepare Aspiring Leaders in Building And Sustaining Equitable Learning Environments" Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Ed.D. " Fall / 2023" SL
Rebecca Goldstein An Exemplar Methodology Study of Student Affairs Directors Who Use Their Assessment Data to Make Changes Jennifer L. Bloom, Ed.D. Summer / 2023 HE
Aaron Hackman Making a Difference in the World Through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Graduate Students Engaging in STEM-Based Academic Service-Learning Jennifer L. Bloom, Ed.D. Summer / 2023 HE
Juan Izaguirre “Unpacking the Meaning of How Latino Men College Students Learned Leadership” Cristobal Salinas, Jr., Ph.D. Summer / 2023 HE
Laura Mooney Psychological Contract Violation Among Administrative Middle Managers: A Phenomenological Study in Higher Education Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Ed.D. Summer / 2023 HE
Elena Steadham Supporting Effective Instructional Coaching: A Multi-Site Study Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Ph.D. Summer / 2023 SL
Fahad Algahtani Self-Directed Learning Readiness Among Predental Students at Florida Atlantic University Valerie C. Bryan, Ed.D. Spring / 2023 ACE
John Critelli Is it Enough? Examining Instructional Management in a New Paradigm of Teaching and Learning Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Ph.D. Spring / 2023 SL
Paul Houchens Build a Better Mousetrap: A Review of State School Accountability Models and Their Relation to the Socio-Economic Status of Students Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Ph.D. Spring / 2023 SL
Meagan Elsberry Appreciative Administration: A Grounded Theory of How the Appreciative Education Theory-To-Practice Framework is Being Infused into Higher Education Jennifer L. Bloom, Ed.D. Fall / 2022 HE
Bonnie Keene Exploration and Comparison of Efficacy and Mindset Perceptions Held by K-12 School Leaders and Teachers Valerie C. Bryan, Ed.D. Fall / 2022 ACE
Eleanor Su-Keene* Under Pressure: Exploring School Leadership Changes Peri-COVID-19 and Post-George Floyd Using an Abductive Approach Dr. Ira E. Bogotch Fall / 2022 SL
Patricia Temes The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Stress among Low-Income Brazilian Mothers Valerie C. Bryan, Ed.D. Fall / 2022 ACE
Stacy Ann Volnick Women College Presidents Who Break Through the Glass Ceiling: At What Price? Deborah L. Floyd, Ed.D. and Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Ed.D. Fall / 2022 HE
James Green A Phenomenological Study: The Perceived Effects of a Poverty Simulation on Governmental Employees' Attitudes and Social Empathy toward Individuals Living in Poverty Valerie C. Bryan, Ed.D. Summer / 2022 ACE
Keven Allen Jr. Spirituality Empowers Black Leadership: A Phenomenological Study of Black Men Students’ Leadership and Spirituality Dr. Cristobal Salinas Jr., and Dr. Deborah L. Floyd, Co-Chairs Spring / 2022 HE
Ronald Romances Johnson “I Made My Own Lane at the Community College, Drove It, but Figured Out I Wanted to Continue On From There:” A Narrative Study On The Hero’s Journey of Latino Male Transfer Students Dr. Cristobal Salinas, Jr., and Dr. Deborah L. Floyd, Co-Chairs Spring / 2022 HE
Georgette Perez A Case Study of the College Choice Process for Continuing-Generation College Students at Miami Dade College During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Deborah L. Floyd & Dr. Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski Spring / 2022 HE
Leila Hilal Shatara Muslim Women Leading Islamic Schools in the United States: Their Story Dr. Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski Spring / 2022 SL
Nicole Walkinshaw The Relationship between Florida Accountability Programs and Merit-Based Pay in Two Large Urban Based School Districts Dr. Meredith Mountford Spring / 2022 SL