Admissions Process

Nomination Process

This program requires the candidate to be nominated by their school principal.

  • All principals will receive a memo about the program from the leadership development department in early fall, and interested principals will attend a mandatory principal information session to be eligible to nominate.
  • Principals who attended the information session will receive a link to the nomination system to submit nominations online.
  • Upon principal nomination, nominees will be invited to an information session; attendance is required in order to apply.
  • Nominees who attended the information session will receive an email with a link to apply.
    Note: Nominees who have already earned a Master’s degree can earn a second Master’s degree or apply to the Specialist Program that includes additional course work after the 22-month long Master’s portion of the program has been completed. Reach out to the Program Coordinator to see if you are eligible for the Specialist track.

Application Process for Admission to the Program

After the Information Session, nominees will receive an email containing the link to apply to the program

  • Complete the online application.
  • Prepare the following documents to upload to the system:
    1. Unofficial undergraduate transcripts
      • Note: All official transcripts will be sent in to the Graduate College in addition to uploading an unofficial copy to the application.
    2. Unofficial graduate transcripts (if applicable)
    3. Application essay (The essay prompt will be provided in the email that will contain the application link.)
    4. Professional resume
      • Note: This is part of the application process.
    5. Copy of your Florida Professional Certificate
    6. Teacher evaluations for the 3 years prior to applying
    7. Signed Sponsor Commitment Letter (Your principal must agree to serve as your mentor the entirety of the program.)
    8. Contact information for your Principal or District Leader who nominated you and one additional person of your choice who will complete a recommendation letter for you,
  • Participate in an admissions interview and timed writing activity that will be scheduled as part of the admissions process.

Program Admissions Process

  • Accepted students will attend a mandatory student orientation session.