Training Activities/Modalities

Direct Service Training Activities

  • Intake (in spring)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy / Process Observation
  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Outreach
  • Consultation

Indirect Service Training Activities

  • Supervision (receipt of)
  • Training Seminars
  • Administration (e.g. committees, meetings, case notes)
  • Case Conference
  • Diversity Development Meetings
  • Focused Improvement Time

Practicum Trainee Required Minimum Direct Service Hours

  • One co-facilitated therapy group per placement year
  • One observation and one co-facilitated outreach/workshop presentation, completed with senior staff
  • One outreach/workshop presentation completed per semester
  • Outreach tabling events, as available
  • Seven to ten individual or couples counseling/psychotherapy hours per week
  • Consultations with students and staff, as available

Practicum Training Activities

  • A minimum of one hour of individual face to face supervision, per week. Additional time is available, as needed.
  • Practicum Case Conference, one hour per week
  • Practicum Training Seminar, one hour per week
  • Focused Improvement Time, one hour per week
  • Psychological Assessment supervision, as needed

Sample Trainee Weekly Activities

Individual or Couples Counseling/Psychotherapy 7-10
Group Counseling/Psychotherapy 0-1.5
Outreach and Consultation 0-3
Individual Supervision with licensed supervisor 1
Consultative Supervision with intern supervisor 0-1
Diversity Development Seminar .5
Practicum Case Conference 1
Practicum Training Seminar 1
Focused Improvement Time 0-1
Supervision of Group Therapy (with senior co-facilitator) .5 - 1
Professional Development with Practicum Coordinator .5