Approved Courses

*This list is currently under review during Spring 2020 for updates. If you have questions, please check the Registrar's course catalog or contact Julianne Zvolensky

Course Title Course Number Syllabus Link
Honors Thesis in American History AMH 4970 Link
Honors American Literature to 1865 AML 2010 Link
Honors American Literature 1865-1945 AML 2022 Link
Honors Consumerism in the United States AMS 4333 Link
Honors Thesis in American Studies AMS 4970 Link
Cultural Difference In A Globalized Society ANT 1471 Link
Autobiography as Anthropoligical Text ANT 1930 Link
Honors Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion ANT 2240 Link
Honors Culture and Society ANT 2410 Link
Cultures of South Asia ANT 3361 Link
Archaeological Analysis and Writing ANT 4112 Link
Honors Writing about Culture and Fiction ANT 4419 Link
Honors Thesis in Anthropology ANT 4970 Link
Honors Introduction to Asian Studies ASN 3006 Link
Honors Thesis in Biology BSC 4970 Link
Civil Engineering Design I CGN 4803 Link
Civil Engineering Design II CGN 4804 Link
Advanced General Chemistry II (replaces 1102 honors) CHM 2051C Link
Honors Research and Writing in Chemistry CHM 4914 Link
Honors Thesis in Chemistry CHM 4970 Link
Honors Ancient Myth and Modern Legends CLA 3850 Link
Honors Ancient Greek Classics CLA 4436 Link
Introduction to Caribbean and Latin American Studies CLAS 3002 Link
Honors Classical Mythology CLT 3370 Link
Social Drama Workshop COM 1930 Link
Honors Latin American Politics CPO 4303 Link
Honors Controversies in the Global Economy ECO 1933 Link
Honors Thesis in Economics ECO 4970 Link
The Economics of Poverty and Discrimination ECP 3123 Link
Introduction to Diversity for Educators EDF 2085 Link
Communication Across Cultures EDG 1930 Link
From Toys to Engineering EML 4930 Link
College Writing 1 ENC 1101 Link
College Writing 2 ENC 1102 Link
Honors Intro to Academic Writing ENC 1123 Link
Writing Honors Seminar: Technology and Society ENC 1930 Link
Special Topics: College Writing 2 ENC 1939 Link
Professional Writing ENC 3213 Link
Advanced Exposition ENC 3310 Link
Honors Environmental Writing and Rhetoric ENC 3362 Link
Honors Environmental Writing and Rhetoric ENG 3362 Link
Studies in Rhetoric and Writing ENG 4020 Link
Honors Survey of British Literature to 1798 ENL 2012 Link
Honors Survey of British Literature since 1798 ENL 2022 Link
Europe and the Cold War EUH 4663 Link
The New Europe: Unity in Diversity EUS 3004 Link
Honors Global Environment EVR 1933 Link
Honors Thesis in Environmental Studies EVR 4970 Link
Honors Global Politics EVS 3403 Link
Communicating Business Information GEB 3213 Link
Honors Freshman Seminar in History HIS 1933 Link
Writing History HIS 2050 Link
Historical Methods HIS 3150 Link
Honors Historiography: Methods and Theory HIS 3152 Link
The Birth of Aviation and its Impact on the 20th Century HIS 4930 Link
History Senior Seminar HIS 4935 Link
Honors Thesis in History HIS 4971 Link
Honors Contemporary Multicultural Studies HUM 3320 Link
Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis IDS 4970 Link
Italian-American Cinema ITT 3522 Link
Honors Comparative Caribbean and LA Culture and Civilization LAS 3005 Link
Honors Thesis in Latin American Studies LAS 4970 Link
Honors Freshman Seminar in Literature LIT 1933 Link
Honors Comedy and the Devil LIT 1051 Link
Interpretation of Fiction LIT 2010 Link
Interpretation of Poetry LIT 2030 Link
Interpretation of Drama LIT 2040 Link
Honors Interpretation of Drama LIT 2040 Link
Interpretation of Creative Nonfiction LIT 2076 Link
Honors Thesis in Literature LIT 4970 Link
Mathematics and Politics MAT 1930 Link
Honors Thesis in Mathematics MAT 4971 Link
Being Cared For: Reflections from the Other Side of the Bed NSP 1195 Link
Capstone Seminar in Public Management PAD 4933 Link
Honors Ancient Greek Philosophy PHH 3100 Link
Honors Modern Philosophy 1 PHH 3400 Link
Honors History of Modern Philosophy II PHH 3442 Link
Honors Freshman Seminar in Philospohy PHI 1933 Link
Introduction to Philosophy PHI 2010 Link
Honors Ethics of Social Diversity PHI 2642 Link
Honors Media Philosophy PHI 3224 Link
Honors Environmental Philosophy PHI 3682 Link
Honors Critical Theory and Practice PHI 4804 Link
Honors Thesis in Philosophy PHI 4970 Link
Honors Human Nature PHM 1002 Link
Honors Seminar in Nietzsche PHP 3522 Link
Honors Thesis in Physics PHY 4970 Link
Honors Punishment POS 2962 Link
Issues In American Politics POS 3033 Link
Honors Thesis in Political Science POS 4970 Link
Honors History of Political Theory POT 3021 Link
Honors Writing in Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences PSY 2932 Link
Honors Foundations of Research Methods with Lab PSY 3213 Link
History and Systems PSY 4930W Link
Honors Thesis in Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences PSY 4971 Link
The Profession of Social Work SOW 3302 Link
Generalist Social Work Practice with Families and Groups SOW 4313 Link
S.W.Practice II: Generalist Practice with Families and Groups SOW 4313 Link
Rhetorical Analysis of Democracy SPC 4273 Link
Rhetoric of Argument SPC 4517 Link
Rhetorical Criticism SPC 4680 Link
Caribbean Inequalities SYA 4310 Link
Writing Sociological Theory SYA 4930 Link
Justice Health and the Environment SYD 4513 Link
Honors Thesis in Sociology SYG 4970 Link
History of Civilization 1 WOH 2012 Link
Honors Introduction to Women's Studies WST 3015 Link
Green Consciousness WST 4349 Link
Honors Thesis in Women's Studies WST 4970 Link
Honors Vertebrate Zoology ZOO 2303 Link