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The primary focus of the CLASS eLearning team is to provide support to distance learning students to foster online student success. This site serves as a resource center for both distance learning students and on-campus students enrolled in web-enhanced courses. It is recommended that distance learning students also explore the other academic support services offered through the CLASS office.


Canvas is here!

Attention students:

Blackboard is retiring in Summer 2017. 

Canvas is here! Get prepared.


FAU has decided to join other state universities in Florida and adopt Canvas by Instructure as the new learning management system (LMS). The Canvas platform is known for its user-friendly experience and mobile compatibility. If you have never heard of Canvas, don’t worry! There are a plethora of resources in place to help you get familiar with FAU’s new LMS.

 Click here to learn more about Canvas.  

Want more information? Click here to access Canvas’ comprehensive student guide.

CLASS is here to help! If you are a student and have questions about Canvas that cannot be answered by browsing the resources above, feel free to contact us.

Need immediate assistance with Canvas after hours? Canvas support is available 24/7, 365. See below for details.

Canvas Help

Our Services 

Here are some of the actions we are taking to meet our mission and foster student success:

  • Providing in-person and online interactive support sessions to teach students/faculty how to navigate their online courses and effectively utilize the required educational technology. 
  • Providing academic consultations to students who wish to improve online academic performance. 
  • Serving as the liaison between students/faculty and the Department of Information Technology. 
  • Working with professors to proactively support at-risk students who are disengaged or in danger of failing. 
  • Referring students to other free academic support resources in the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Referring online students to appropriate university offices, resources and programs to strengthen their connection to the university community. 

 Quick Links

Learn about educational technology used at FAU  

Understanding and using the technology required for your online course can be challenging. Click the link above to access our resource center where you can find essential information about some of the educational technology that you may utilize as an FAU student.  

Connect to the FREE resources available in the Center for Teaching and Learning and beyond 

As an FAU student, you are entitled to the FREE academic support services available through the Center for Teaching and Learning. Click the link above to learn more about academic support services such as tutoring, eTutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), the Math Learning Center (MLC) and the University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW).

Learn more about eTutoring  

In collaboration with the Center for eLearning, we offer eTutoring for select online courses.  Click the link above to learn more!

Access the FAU Office of Information Technology Help Desk

The Florida Atlantic University Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides help desk support for both students and faculty.  Click the link above for a full overview of OIT support services and/or to file a ticket with the OIT Help Desk.

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