Minor in philosophy, stem Track

(minimum of 15 credits required)

The STEM Minor in Philosophy is designed for students who have an interest in the ethical, epistemological, and/or foundational issues in the natural sciences, cognitive sciences, social sciences, and/or health professions.

The STEM Minor in Philosophy requires a minimum of 15 credits, at least 14 of which should be earned at FAU. The courses must be taken according to the list in the chart below, and a grade of 'C' or above  must be earned in each course.

At least one course in logic and/or critical thinking:
Critical Thinking  PHI 2100  3
 Logic  PHI 2102  3
At least one course in value theory:
Ethical Theory PHI 4661 3
Environmental Ethics PHI 3640 3
Biomedical Ethics PHI 4633 4
Three courses from the list below:
Philosophy of Mind PHI 3200 4
Philosophy of Psychiatry PHI 3453 4
Philosophy of Medicine PHI 3456 3
Philosophy of Science PHI 4400 4
Philosophy of the Human and Social Sciences PHI 4420 3
Philosophy of Aging PHI 4930 3
Symbolic Logic PHI 4134 3
Philosophy of Technology PHM 4223 3