Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Pre-Law Track)

(minimum of 120 credits required)

The B.A. in Philosophy, Pre-Law track is especially designed to provide students who are majoring in philosophy and who plan to attend law school with excellent preparation for the study of law.

In addition to the University and College requirements for admission and graduation, students in the Pre-Law track are required to earn a minimum of 32 credits in philosophy courses as described in the table below.

All courses must be taken for a grade and must be passed with a grade of 'C' or above, in order to count toward the degree.

Major Philosophy Core (9 courses):
Ancient Philosophy PHH 3100 3
Early Modern Philosophy PHH 3420 4
Late Modern Philosophy PHH 4440 4
Logic PHI 2102 3
Ethical Theory PHI 4661 3
Social and Political Philosophy PHM 3200 3
Philosophy of Law PHM 3400 3
Pragmatism PHH 3703 3
Senior Seminar in Philosophy PHI 4938 3
One Course from the List of Electives Below:
Existentialism PHP 4786 3
Environmental Ethics PHI 3640 3
Philosophy of Literature PHI 3882 3
Philosophy of Technology PHM 4223 3
Biomedical Ethics PHI 4633 4
Africana Philosophy PHP 3781 3
Feminist Philosophy PHM 3123 3
Special Topics PHI 4930 1-4
Directed Independent Study PHI 4905 1-4