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UFS Standing Committees 2020-2021

Academic Freedom and Due Process Committee

Chair: Kristy Padron (LIB)


  • Miriam Dalin (A&L)
  • Hugh Miller (A&L)
  • Paul Koku (BUS)
  • Meredith Mountford (EDU)
  • TBD (ENG)
  • Wairimu Njambi (HON)
  • Ceylan Isgor (MED)
  • Shirley Gordon (NUR)
  • Wolfgang Tichy (SCI)

Academic Planning and Budget Committee

Chair: Kim Dunn (BUS)


  • Fred Hoffman (SCI, AY 20-22)
  • James Kumi-Diaka (SCI, 19-21)
  • Meredith Mountford (EDU, AY 19-21)
  • Anita Pennathur (BUS, AY 20-22)
  • Paul Peluso (EDU, AY 20-22)
  • Bret Danilowicz (non-voting)
    ex-officio and Provost
  • Dorothy Russell (non-voting)
    ex-officio and Vice President for Financial Affairs, CFO

CBA Committee on the Metrics

Chair:  TBD


  • Eric Hanne (A&L)
  • Bill Bosshardt (BUS)
  • Charles Dukes (EDU)
  • Daniel Meeroff (ENG)
  • Peter McCarthy (HBOI)
  • Leslie Siegel (LIB)
  • Nancy Tille-Victoria (HON)
  • Teresa Sakraida (NUR)
  • Chris Beetle (SCI)
  • Jesse Saginor (SCI)

Library Advisory Committee

Chair: Shirley Gordon (NUR)


  • Clifford Brown (A&L)
  • David Javakhadze (BUS)
  • Caitlin Imgrund (EDU)
  • Oge Marques (ENG)
  • Dorothy Lemeh (HON)
  • Leslie Siegel (LIB)
  • Rainald Schmidt-Kastner (MED)
  • Salvatore Lepore (SCI)
  • Jesse Saginor (SCI)

Policy and Procedures Committee

Chairs: LeaAnne DeRigne (SW & CCJ) & Kim Dunn (BUS)

  • William Trapani (A&L)
  • Kevin Wagner (A&L)
  • Meredith Mountford (EDU)
  • Paul Peluso (EDU)
  • Evangelos Kaisar (ENG)
  • Joy Longo (NUR)
  • Fred Hoffman (SCI)
  • James Kumi-Diaka (SCI)
  • Michele Hawkins (non-voting)

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Chair: Diane Sherman (SW & CCJ)


  • Chris Robe (A&L)
  • Chris Ely (HON)
  • Charles Dukes (EDU)
  • Howard Prentice (MED)
  • Mark Kohlbeck (BUS)
  • Valentine Aalo (ENG)
  • Ruth Tappen (NUR)
  • John Baldwin (SCI)

Research Committee

Chair:  Tina Penhollow (SCI) 


  • Dukhong Kim (A&L)
  • Renat Shaykhutdinov (A&L)
  • Joao Faria (BUS) 
  • Evangelos Kaisar (ENG)
  • Peter McCarthy (HBOI)
  • Gregory Macleod (HON)
  • Tiffany Follin (LIB)
  • Lenny Chiang-Hanisko (NUR)
  • Jang-Yen Wu (MED)
  • Dan Flynn (VP for Research)
Past or President Elect

President Elect: Kim Dunn

Past President:  Chris Beetle

Non-Voting Members

President: John Kelly

Provost: Bret Danilowicz


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