University Wide

The student Body President and Vice President work diligently every day to represent the voice of the Student Body to University Administration.

Participating in the Florida Student Association to lobby Florida State Legislature’s on issues that are important to Florida Atlantic University students, such as the high cost of textbooks, raising tuition, and more, is a huge part of their responsibilities. The Student Body President is also a member of the University's Board of Trustees and helps impact decisions made at FAU

Kyle MacDonald

Student Body President & University Trustee
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215F
Tel: 561-297-3746

Marianne Alex

Student Body Vice President
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215E
Tel: 561-297-3746



Lauren Jablonski

SG President's Executive Assistant
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215G
Tel: 561.297.3735

Taylor Charneco

SG Vice President's Assistant
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215G
Tel: 561.297.3735

Jon Carter

SG Governmental Relations Director
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215G
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Tel: 561.297.3735

Lucia DeSanto

SG Chief Financial Officer
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215G
Tel: 561.297.3735

Danielle Orr

Executive Marketing Director
Student Union,Bldg. 31 Rm. 215G
Tel: 561.297.3735

Natalie Antoine & Malique Johnson

Homecoming Co-Directors
Student Union, Bldg. 31 Rm. 218
Tel: 561.297.3735

Hannah Baker

Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA)
Student Union, Bldg. 31 Rm. 234
Tel: 561.297.3735


Judicial Branch

Student Court

The Student Government Student Court is comprised of a Chief Justice and three, campus Associate Justices. Student Government Statutes (Chapter 600) outlines the purpose, jurisdiction and functions of the Student Court. The Student Court hears cases based on Student Government operations including elections, adjudicates on the clarity and constitutionality of the student government statutes, policies and processes of Student Government. The Judicial Court also sits on the Student Code of Conduct Hearing Board as Hearing Officers. The Office of the Student Court is located at FAU Boca Raton Campus, Student Union UN-31 Room 218. 

Isaiah Moriarity, Chief Justice

 Sayd Hussain, Associate Justice for Boca Raton


Saheed Oluwasina Oseni (DVM, MS), Associate Justice for Broward Campuses

Saheed Oluwasina Oseni is a doctoral student in the Integrative Biology Program of the Department of Biological Sciences at FAU. He has been an active member of the FAU Student Government since 2013 in many capacities such as member of the Broward House of Representatives, Broward Senator, and Broward Associate Justice for the Student Judicial Court, before taking up the post of Acting Chief Justice. Saheed's research interest is in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology, but he also has interests in legal, policy, and diplomatic aspects of Public Health. His quest for leadership, legal, and policy experience are some of the reasons he has been an important asset to FAU Student Government.

Nicolas Cathcart, Associate Justice for Northern Campuses

Nicolas Cathcart is a freshman at the Wilkes Honors College at FAU. He is studying Political Science for pre-law. He was born and raised in Coconut Creek, FL. On campus, he is involved with Speech and Debate and Kingdom Club. He is currently serving as Jupiter Associate Justice.


Legislative Branch

Student Senate

The Student Senate consists of nine Campus Senators, three from each of the three campus bases, Boca Raton, Broward, and Jupiter. The Senate is chaired by the Student Body Vice President, or President of the Senate.
The Senate's primary responsibilities are over university-wide statutes, presidential appointment approvals, and the university-wide budget allocation process.

Late each fall, the Senate is joined by the Campus Budget Committee Chairs and Campus Treasurers to make up the University Budget and Appropriations Committee, which leads to the university-wide budget process. It also establishes the budget allocations for partner campuses; university-wide programs such as Graduate Student Association, Homecoming, and Student Media are also established.


  • Joseph "Joe" Clark, Boca Raton
  • Milan Maggio, Boca Raton
  • Sarah Pietrucha, Boca Raton
  • Vacant, Broward Campuses
  • Vacant, Broward Campuses
  • Vacant, Broward Campuses
  • Cody Steed, Northern Campuses
  • Nicholas Tyndall, Northern Campuses
  • Shannon Bieniek, Northern Campuses

Boca Raton House of Representatives

Marianne Alex

SG Boca Campus House Speaker

Bailey Jones

SG Boca Speaker Pro Tempore

William "Billy" Sadar

SG Boca House Parliamentarian

Maria Hasbun

SG Boca Raton House Secretary


The Elections Board

About Elections

This website is designed to give students, at Florida Atlantic University, information about their student privilege and their right to vote at any Student Body Election. We are here to help students whether you want to run for Student Government office, acquire information about voting, or decide you want to volunteer. If you have any questions or would like additional information, our Election Board is ready to serve you.

Doug Speed
Supervisor of Elections 
Boca Campus, UN 212

Assistant Supervisor of Elections
Boca Raton Campus, UN 212

Nick Gibb
Boca Raton Elections Commissioner
Boca Raton Campus, UN 212

Dacia Medley
Jupiter Elections Commissioner
Jupiter Campus, SR 147 D

Dayaldas Lalwani
Broward Elections Communication Liaison
Davie Campus, SD 218


Der'Resha Bastien

Student Government (SG) Boca Campus Governor

Roldane Plaisir

SG Boca Campus Governor's Chief of Staff

Stanley Saintelus

SG Boca Campus Marketing Director

Travis Platt

SG Boca Campus Treasurer

Gabby Barrozzi

SG Boca Program Board Director

Jacqueline Labayne

SG Boca Campus COSO Director

Ryan Corbitt

SG Boca Raton Night Owls Director

Trevor Davis

SG Boca Raton Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI) Director

Gabby Rind

SG Boca Campus Multicultural Programming (MP) Director

Marek Madro

SG Boca Raton Peer Education Team (PET) Director


Darius Perkins

Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations

Robert Marriaga

Graduate Assistant for Student Government

Student Activities & Involvement/ Student Government