Executive Branch


Dalia Calvillo

Dalia Calvillo

Student Government

Bradley Swan

Bradley Swan

Vice President
Student Government



The President’s Administrative Cabinet (PAC) is a university-wide cabinet that advises campus-based departments while working on a variety of initiatives across all three campuses. The Student Body President leads the President’s Administrative Cabinet, and the Student Body Vice President is the chair of the University-Wide Senate.

The PAC consists of:

  • Student Body President Dalia Calvillo | sgpres@fau.edu
    • The Student Body President serves as the head of the Executive Branch for all FAU campuses. President Kennamer holds a focus in increasing engagement and involvement and athletic events.
  • Student Body Vice President Bradley Swan | sgvp@fau.edu
    • The Student Body Vice President serves as the chair of the University-Wide Senate, chairs the University Budget Allocations Committee, and assists the Student Body President in the day-to-day functioning of Student Government. Vice President Calvillo holds a focus in combatting food insecurity on campus.
  • Student Government President’s Chief of Staff Logan Slaughter | sgpreschief@fau.edu
    • The Student Government President’s Chief of Staff reports directly to the Student Body President and is tasked with the overall management of the President’s Administrative Cabinet. Chief of Staff Abreu holds a focus on increasing environmental sustainability and conservation practices at FAU.
  • Student Government Chief Financial Officer Stefan Andjelkovic | sgcfo@fau.edu
    • The Student Government Chief Financial Officer serves as the highest authority on Student Government financial matters, providing oversight and assistance to all Activity and Service Fee funded accounts. Chief Financial Officer Bridgers holds a focus on expanding services offered to students while maintaining and improving existing initiatives such as Owl Rides by Lyft, Owl Perks, Undergraduate Student Travel, and Student Government Test Preparation.
  • PAC Marketing Director Jahsheem Benjamin | sgmarketing@fau.edu
    • The PAC Marketing Director works to market initiatives, announcements, press releases, and other information to the Student Body. Marketing Director Bruno holds a focus in improving the overall marketing practices of Student Government, facilitating communication between Student Government and the Student Body.
  • Student Government Director of Government Relations Emma Leonardo Solorzano | sggovtrelations@fau.edu
    • The Student Government Director of Government Relations represents the Student Body of FAU when discussing Local, State, and Federal Governmental Legislative initiatives; advocates for the Student Body President’s and University’s goals and initiatives; and organizes and executive the “Rally In Tally” event where FAU students travel to Tallahassee to represent FAU to Government officials. Director Kelly holds a focus on increasing civic engagement among students at FAU.
  • Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Director Victoria Jean-Julien | gpsa@fau.edu
    • The GPSA Director represents the Graduate and Professional Student Association while organizing GPSA meetings, leading in the planning and implementation of events aimed towards graduate students, and leading in maintaining the Graduate student travel application process.
  • Student Government Supervisor of Elections Erik Strom | sgelections@fau.edu
    • The Student Government Supervisor of Elections is responsible for Chairing Elections Board meetings and supervising all Student Government elections. Supervisor Guzzi holds a focus on properly marketing and getting students involved and educated about Student Government elections.
  • Student Government Attorney General Juan Andres Rodriguez | sgattorneygen@fau.edu
    • The Student Government Attorney General has the authority to audit any branch of FAU Student Government and works to ensure Student Government is following all statutory and legal requirements, providing statutory and practical recommendation where necessary. Attorney General Herbst holds a focus in ensuring Student Government departments are well-educated on regulations and guidelines set forth by Student Government and university statutes and Florida Law in order to ensure transparency and legality.
  • Student Government Homecoming Director Kyla Flannery | sghomecoming@fau.edu
    • The Student Government Homecoming Director is responsible for managing the Homecoming budget to plan and coordinate all activities, events, and marketing during Homecoming.


The Governor’s Administrative Cabinets (GACs) are campus-based cabinets that offer programing, services, and create initiatives on the Boca, Broward, and Northern campuses



The Boca GAC consists of:

  • Boca Campus Chief of Staff
  • Boca Campus Treasurer
  • Boca Campus Marketing Director
  • Boca Campus Program Board Director
  • Boca Campus Multicultural Programming Director
  • Boca Campus COSO Director
  • Boca Campus Night Owls Director
  • Boca Campus PEP Talk Director
  • Boca Campus SAVI Director



The Jupiter GAC consists of:

  • MacArthur Campus Chief of Staff
  • MacArthur Campus Treasurer
  • MacArthur Campus Marketing Director
  • MacArthur Campus Program Board Director
  • MacArthur Campus COSO Director
  • MacArthur Campus SAVI Director