Executive Branch

The President’s Administrative (PAC) is a university-wide cabinet that advises campus-based departments while working on a variety of initiatives.

The PAC consists of:

  • Student Government Director of Government Relations
  • Student Government Chief Financial Officer
  • PAC Marketing Director
  • PAC Chief of Staff
  • Student Government President’s Executive Assistant
  • Student Government Vice President’s Executive Assistant
  • Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Director
  • Student Government Homecoming Director
  • Student Government Supervisor of Elections
  • Student Government Attorney General

The Governor’s Administrative Cabinets (GACs) are campus-based cabinets that offer programing, services, and create initiatives on the Boca, Broward, and Northern campuses

The Boca GAC consists of:

  • Boca Campus Chief of Staff
  • Boca Campus Treasurer
  • Boca Campus Marketing Director
  • Boca Campus Program Board Director
  • Boca Campus Multicultural Programming Director
  • Boca Campus COSO Director
  • Boca Campus Night Owls Director
  • Boca Campus PEP Talk Director
  • Boca Campus SAVI Director

The Jupiter GAC consists of:

  • Broward Campus Chief of Staff
  • Broward Campus Treasurer
  • Broward Campus Marketing Director
  • Broward Campus Program Board Director
  • Broward Campus COSO Director
  • Broward Campus SAVI Director