Signature Programs and Services

Owl Ride with Lyft

  • 75% of 2 rides per month (up to $15 per ride)
  • Available anytime, anywhere on Lyft standard and Lyft XL rides

Contact for questions about the Lyft Program!


Student Government Test Prep Program

Details: Student in the FAU community can apply for discounts in FAU Test Prep courses, such as for GRE, GMAT, and LSAT.


Student Government Parking Citation Forgiveness

Details: Student can bring 3 or more canned goods to the On-Campus Food Pantry in order to reduce their parking citation by $25.


FAU Owl Perks

Details: Students can receive discounts from many local businesses that are partnered on Owl Perks. Present your owl card to the business in order to receive a discount, and email if you want to see your favorite restaurant, retail store, or shop partnered with Owl Perks.


FAU Lazy Texts

Details: Students can sign up for Lazy Texts and receive personalized text messages updating them on Canvas due dates and assignments.


Jupiter Recycling Program

Details: The Jupiter Campus House of Representatives funds the collection of recyclable materials in several locations on campus, which is the first FAU student government initiative of its kind.


Student Reproductive Health Initiative

Details: Program that ensures all student across FAU have unequivocal access to menstrual health products in the places that they need them the most.