Proposal Services

Individual Proposal Consultation & Review

The Office of Research Development will review your grant proposal and suggest revisions and other strategic changes to enhance the clarity and competitiveness of your proposal. We can also provide proposal templates and suggested language for certain commonly requested sections of the proposal (e.g., descriptions of institutional programs, partnerships, or processes). Please note: We do not review for scientific or intellectual merit; however, we can connect you with peer reviewers as required. If you would like to take advantage of our proposal consultation and review services , please email us at

To ensure the best possible service, please e-mail us a minimum of two weeks before the proposal deadline. You are welcome to contact us even if you just have an idea and need advice.

Large-Scale Proposal Management

The ORD helps coordinate large-scale grant proposals at Florida Atlantic that may be more complex in nature or involve multiple collaborative partners. We work with the team to develop an initial plan and timeline, obtain required institutional resources and data, ensure that the proposal is cohesive, and monitor the project until it is successfully submitted. Email to access these services.