Early Career Academy

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The ECA continues to be our flagship program for establishing a solid foundation for early career faculty. While most of the program will be online, individual support will be provided throughout and an in-person, half-day workshop will be scheduled.

Who is this for?

All new (three years or less) assistant professors (tenure track) in any field. At this time, we cannot accept instructors, visitors, research scientists (non-tenure), or post-docs. New courses for other faculty and researcher types will be added later. You may participate at any time during your first three years as an assistant professor, but you only need to complete it once.

How long is the ECA?

The structure is built over one semester. We anticipate that it will take two to five hours per week (perhaps a little longer on your writing parts). 

What is the format?

The course is a Canvas course that is asynchronous, but cohort based. Many of you may fly through on some of these exercises but others may be more challenging with finding funding or writing. We do expect progress through the course.

Why do you need to know my supervisor/associate dean of research names?

We have found that when leadership in the College know of your participation and interest in this program, the ECA Fellow will be more successful in completing the course. We also recognize your completion of this program at the end with a letter from the vice president for research acknowledging your participation.