Why FAU?

World class education and student support, all available at an affordable cost.

With our commitment to quality at the core, students receive an unparalleled online experience. Our classes are carefully designed to ensure online students are receiving identical instruction as our campus students. The courses are taught by highly acclaimed FAU research faculty using best practice teaching strategies. Our online student support services portal replicates what is available to campus students. Students have access to award-winning tutorial support, online academic advisors, financial aid counselors, career support, and much more! We set the trends when it comes to online learning, and we will continue to be at the helm. Best of all, our online tuition rates are among the lowest in the state.

eLearning at the speed of life.

Basically, everything about eLearning is accommodating: the where, the when, and the how. If you’re a morning person and love to get up before the sun rises, you can focus on your studies at that time — or maybe you are a night owl and do best at the wee hours of the night. Online learning allows you to choose the best time to dedicate to your school work.

When taking the traditional college path, students are forced to make their life work around their college courses — not the other way around. With family and work obligations, this isn’t always possible. Get the same quality education experience without having to give up other responsibilities.

Learn everywhere and anywhere.

You can live anywhere and still pursue a degree from a top-ranking university like FAU. Learning shouldn’t have to feel like a chore, but it can be, if you are juggling too many things and there is little time to attend classes for hours on end. Learning is no longer restricted to the traditional classroom. With e-Learning, you can take any program course without having to set foot on campus, and still reap the benefits of a world-class education. You can learn from the comfort of your couch, even in your PJs. No need to waste time-fighting traffic or looking for parking; instead, you can get straight to studying and learning.


 Last Modified 7/25/21