Learning Assistant (LA) Job Description


LAs help students become independent learners of mathematics by assisting with the development of their critical thinking skills and elevating their confidence and ability to solve math problems on their own.


1. Support students individually or in small groups with understanding content by helping them develop the skills necessary for learning mathematics: providing subject-area knowledge and mentoring students on the strategies, techniques, and attitudes needed for successful mastery of the material.

2. Attend all classes for the course in which you are an LA.

3. Attend weekly prep meetings with faculty and support students as decided upon.

4. Complete appropriate forms for student visits to office hours.

5. Adhere to set schedule and arrive to all LA classes on time.

6. Attend any required pedagogy sessions and all LA kickoff meetings. (Kickoff meetings always fall on the Friday before each semester.)

7. Respect diversity and uphold ethics and confidentiality.

8.Understand the student support services and resources that are available and either refer students as necessary (if comfortable) or communicate with managers or instructors about student referrals (if uncomfortable).


Prospective student employees

GPA of 3.0 or higher, pass an assessment in the course you are applying to LA for, complete the interview process, display stellar communication skills, and provide a positive referral from faculty or staff in the course you are applying to LA for.

Compensation: LAs are paid $13.00 per hour and LA assignments are generally 10 hours per week

Please contact the MLC at mlc@fau.edu or stop by the center (GS 211) if you have any questions.