Infographic Descriptions

The Smart Grid and Renewable Energy

An image of a light brown house with a light black roof and green windows sits in the center on a light khaki-colored lawn. Covering the roof are 30 small purple solar panels, and a blue Wi-Fi symbol above the house. In the front of the house is a person with a short-sleeved, light red shirt and a dark brown pants holding a tablet with light reflecting into their face. Behind the person on the right side of the house is a black and white car with green stripes and a grey power cord logo on the car’s rooftop. Next to the car is a green and white charging station for the car. Above the station is a Wi-Fi logo. Green trees also sit on each side of the house. Behind the house is a group of 15 purple solar panels on green grass with a blue Wi-Fi logo above it the panels On the left side of the house, two white windmills with a blue Wi-Fi above it sits on a green grass. In front of the house, there are two lampposts, one on either side, and an L-shaped hedge in the upper left corner.

Internet of Energy

In the bottom center is an image of a hand holding a grey and white smart tablet with an orange house connected to different icons above it. On the smart tablet there are four cubes: orange, green, blue and orange. The right hand is half over the bottom right corner of the tablet, pointing to the blue cube with its pointer finger. Next to the hand are four yellow circles and the left hand holding the tablet has its thumb part on the first yellow circle. Above the yellow circles is a small orange house with a curved orange arrow under it and a bent blue arrow wrapping above. Both arrows are pointing clockwise around the orange house. Above the smart tablet, is orange house with blue windows and a green door. On each side of the house is an orange fence with three pickets each. To the left of the house stands a green tree, with four dashed lines extending from the left side of the tree connecting to a blue cloud with a white single drop of water. Directly above the blue cloud is another blue cloud with a white lock inside it and 12 dashed lines extending down to the right of it back to the orange house. Still on the left side next to the blue cloud lock is another blue cloud with the white sun inside and eight dashed lines extending down to the right back to the house. In the center over the orange house is a blue could with a white Wi-Fi symbol inside and five dashed lines extending down back to the center of the house. On the right side next to the Wi-Fi symbol is a blue cloud with a white lightbulb inside and nine dashed lines extending down and to the right back to the house. On the same side below the light eight dashed lines extended to the right up to a blue cloud filled with a white security camera. Below that extending from the green tree to the right is four dashed lines connecting to a blue cloud with a thermometer and 21 degree Celsius inside, and at the center of the house with the green door are eight dashed lines connecting to the blue cloud with a white shield inside.