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Health and Behavior

Healthcare researchers and other professionals stand at the forefront of a paradigm shift that is poised to revolutionize the management and delivery of health services around the world. This paradigm shift is being driven through the miniaturization and commoditization of mobile health sensing technology, in concert with rapid advancements in cloud computing and big data analytics.

Real-time data streams detailing key physiological indicators and health behaviors, in combination with new mobile intervention strategies have the potential to transform healthcare into a radically personalized, proactive system that touches every aspect of healthcare, from assessment services, to hospital management, to rehabilitative care, to in-home monitoring, and everything in-between.

The greatest benefits that will be achieved through the emerging Internet of Things will be the fundamental improvements to health and wellness that this new technology will enable. Helping to realize those improvements is the focus of researchers working in the Health and Behavior area.

Health and Behavior Faculty