Faculty-Led Programs

Education Abroad works with faculty and administrators across the colleges to offer short-term study abroad programs, ranging from 1-6 weeks, throughout the year. These programs are a great option for first-time travelers and students whose personal, professional or academic situation does not allow them to be out of the country for an extended period of time. Though some programs are repeated annually, Education Abroad supports faculty in developing new programs in traditional and non-traditional disciplines and destinations so students can explore the world while taking FAU courses and traveling with professors.

Plan ahead! The number of students FAU can send abroad on each faculty-led program has a maximum number of spaces specific to the program. Once the maximum number is reached, regardless of the application deadline, applicants will go on a waitlist. There is no guarentee a spot will become available. Students are encouraged to begin planning well in advance by meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor and Academic Advisor to make sure they have room in their academic plan for courses offered on a specific faculty-led program. 

Explore faculty-led program options and see the Advising & Appointments information to get started! 

Summer 2022 faculty-led programs will be announced October through November.



Program Name: Ethnographic and Archaeological Fieldwork in Ecuador
Program Location: Salango, Ecuador 
Academic Discipline: Anthropology 
Full Program Details Here


Program Name: Learning in London 
Program Location: London, England
Academic Disciplined: Education, Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
Full Program Details Here

Program Name: London Multimedia Study Abroad Program
Program Location: London, England
Academic Discipline: Multimedia & Journalsim
Full Program Details TBA

Program Name: Planning Abroad
Program Location: London, England 
Academic Discpline: Urban Plannning
Full Programs Details TBA


Program Name: Exploring Ancient Sicily at Palikè
Program Location: Catania, Italy
Academic Discipline: Art History
Full Program Details Here


Program Name: Summer Abroad in Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Program Location: Madrid, Spain
Academic Discipline: Language, History, Culture
Full Program Details TBA

Program Name: The "Smart City" in Barcelona
Program Location: Barcelona, Spain 
Academic Discipline: English, Writing 
Full Program Detail TBA