by Teresa Crane | Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Florida Atlantic University College of Education (COE) in collaboration with Hispanic Serving Institution (HIS FAU) interest group hosted a talk on research methodology led by  María D. Vásquez, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology within FAU’s COE and co-chair of HSI FAU. The event was moderated by Andrés Ramírez, Ed.D., associate professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction within FAU’s COE, and co-chair of HSI FAU, and Marlynn Lopez, associate director of FAU Center for Inclusion, Diversity Education, and Advocacy (IDEAs), Hispanic/Latinix Initiatives and Futuros Success Programs.

The webinar, titled Introduction to Survey Research, has previously been offered to the FAU community. But on this occasion, Vásquez delivered it in Spanish with the intent to engage FAU’s Hispanic community, as well as universities in Latin America with FAU formal and informal academic ties. These partners included Universidad Católica de Santa María and Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón in Perú, as well as Universidad del Quindío, Universidad de La Salle and Universidad Nacional in Colombia.

“The systematic inclusion of Spanish into our programming provides us at FAU with an opportunity to expand our reach as a college and university,” said Andrés Ramírez. “For those of us who speak Spanish, it opens up the opportunity to see our linguistic capabilities as valued, not just for social or outreach purposes, but as potentially key academically within the institutional context as they help advance FAU’s collective mission.”   

“I believe I have opened a very unique door for us with lots of potential,” said María Vásquez. “The fact that the presenters spoke academic and colloquial Spanish fluently and utilized culturally relevant examples and phrases contributed to the welcoming response.”  

The presentation drew an unprecedented total of 517 registered participants, with a maximum capacity for 300 attendees. The webinar received an overall positive evaluation evidenced by results from a questionnaire data receiving an 80% response rate.

“This is fantastic! I hope that next time we can expand access for people who are interested in this important topic,” said Paul Peluso, Ph.D., senior associate dean within FAU’s College of Education

“The numbers are fantastic. Seemingly, this momentum will lead to other events, perhaps an on-going series,” said Charles Dukes, Ph.D., chair of Department of Curriculum and Instruction, FAU College of Education.