Assessment Systems

The Assessment Systems Committee is a committee representing departmental liaisons and areas within the College of Education to address the College’s assessment needs.

Roles and responsibilities of a committee member:

  • Provide leadership through the review and update departmental Academic Learning Compacts
  • Provide leadership through the review and update of Student Learning Outcomes within the FAU Assessment System
  • Update annual Standards and Details reports on the EIPEP site
  • Attend Fall and Spring Assessment Systems Committee meetings
  • Attend webinars and sharing sessions associated with departmental assessment
  • Provide leadership through departmental-related accreditation reporting and visits
  • Share related data, reports, and action items at departmental meetings
  • Oversee and assist with LiveText compliance

Being on the Assessment Systems Committee, you will:

  • Provide a college-wide service
  • Support student learning growth
  • Develop assessment expertise
  • Collaborate with all College of Education departments
  • Enhance technological skills

Committee Members

E. Andrew Brewer (Chair) Office of Accreditation, Assessment & Analytics
Traci Catto Office for School Engagement
Jessica Stupec Ombudsperson
Connie Porcaro Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hannah Bowers Counselor Education
Bianca Nightengale-Lee Curriculum and Instruction
Taka Mays Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Lisa Finnegan Special Education
Dale Williams Communication Sciences and Disorders (Ex-officio)
Carman Gill Counselor Education (Ex-officio)
Charles Dukes Curriculum and Instruction (Ex-officio)
Robert Shockley Educational Leadership and Research Methodology (Ex-officio)
Rangasamy Ramasamy Special Education (Ex-officio)

Last modified: August 29 2022.